Madison Street Capital’s New Nomination

Not long ago, a Chicago-based international investment banking firm, known as Madison Street Capital was announced as a finalist in the 15th Annual M &A Awards. These prestigious awards are recognized internationally as the height of accomplishment in the finance world. The awards honor companies that have shown excellence in deal making, restructuring and financing. The awards also honor professionals who have achieved success in the finance department.


During the 15th M&A Awards, Madison Street Capital was nominated for two categories. The company was nominated for the International and Industrial Deal of the Year as well as the Boutique Investment Bank of the Year. Madison Street Capital was chosen for the International and Industrial Deal of the Year category because of the role it played in facilitating the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados SA by a company known as Dowco.


The international transaction was led by the current senior managing director at Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha. The president and chief executive of the investment company, Charles Botchway says that he is pleased to have been part of the deal. According to Botchway, Dowco is one of the longtime clients of Madison Street. Charles also says that his company is very excited to have been nominated for the awards.


During the acquisition process, Charles also said that his team of experts worked very hard across different time zones to make everything successful. The company had linked Dowco to other emerging ventures in the past, and most of them were a success. The acquisition of Acuna and Asociados was a very complicated cross-border transaction. Karl D’Cunha say that there were different components in the process, making everything difficult.


Madison Street Capital is a privately held company that is based in Chicago. The company was established more than ten years ago, and it has transformed the finance world. The company is dedicated to its clients, ensuring that there is a high level of excellence, service, and integrity in all its projects. Madison Street Capital focuses mostly on offering corporate financial advisory service, financial opinions, and valuation services. The investment banking company provides these vital services to both public and private held ventures. The quality of products and services from the company have enabled it to do very well in the international market. Apart from offering quality services, Madison Street Capital employs only experts in its offices to ensure that its clients get the best. This has greatly improved Madison street capital reputation.


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Karl Heideck: Experienced Philadelphia Litigator

Karl Heideck: Experienced Philadelphia Litigator
Karl Heideck: Experienced Philadelphia Litigator

In the civil court system in the United States, a litigation attorney is a lawyer that focuses his or her practice on representing clients in lawsuits. These clients include individuals, businesses, and organizations of different types.

A litigation attorney needs to be skilled at oratory as well as writing. Not only does a litigation attorney make presentations in trials and other types of court room proceedings, but a litigator is also responsible for preparing a variety of different types of documents associated with a lawsuit.

As a general rule, a litigator begins to focus on this area of legal practice while still in law school. As a student, a person interested in becoming a litigator will take a selection of classes that include civil procedure, evidence, and courtroom practice. In addition, a future litigator is likely to participate in a law school’s moot court and legal clinic programs. These provide a student with an opportunity to learn more of the essentials associated with appearing in court proceedings.

A litigation attorney can be found working in a number of settings. These include major law firms that have separate litigation departments. Litigators can also be found working for the government, different types of organizations, and in smaller firms that are dedicated to litigating on behalf of clients.

Karl Heideck is an experienced, dedicated litigation attorney serving the legal needs of clients in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area. He has been practicing law for over 10 years.

Heideck obtained his law degree at Temple University. Prior to that, Heideck obtained an undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College, where he majored in English language and literature, with an emphasis in letters.

Karl Heideck practices in other areas of the law as well. These include commercial, products liability, and employment law. Heideck also represents clients in regard to regulatory compliance and risk management.

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How To Choose A proven Business Or Investing Course

Are you looking to improve your financial life through starting a business of your own? Do you want to start investing, or become a successful stock trader? Jim Hunt can help you start a profitable business, or create vast fortunes as a stock trader.

One of the essential steps to becoming successful in business or in the investing field is learning from someone who has achieved success in the type of venture you are interested in. Getting access to tutorials or courses and training programs on created by a successful person is important.

VTA Publications has all of the information, courses and guidebooks you need to become knowledgeable about stock trading, setting up your own highly profitable business, and investing in high-yield opportunities. This great learning or education resource will ensure that you are provided with only top notch guides and advice as well as wealth advisory solutions.

Jim Hunt created the educational and training programs and courses that are promoted by VTA Publications. Jim is a highly renowned author, publisher and coach. He has gained world wide recognition in the business and investing arenas and his courses in VTA Publications come highly recommended.

Jim’s course, Wealth Wave, has actually helped numerous people start trading profitably, and achieve tremendous success. If you truly want to reach your goal of financial freedom, it is advisable to have a look at the website of VTA Publications on and choose from a wide variety of information products created by Jim Hunt.

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Naysayers and pessimists are all around us, but you’ll need to get them out of your life. Let them know that you do not want, or need their opinion. Get to know positive and inspiring people, and you will have the confidence to reach your goal on

InnovaCare Health Success under Richard Shinto Leadership

InnovaCare Health is considered to be one of the best performing health care companies in the United States. The company has registered significant growth in the recent past thanks to the decisions made by its leaders. InnovaCare Health mostly specializes in insurance packages and managed healthcare options. The company boasts of leadership from professionals who have been in the industry for more than three decades. Here are some of the leaders:

Richard Shinto, president, and CEO

Richard Shinto, popularly known as Rick is currently the president of the successful company. Shinto acquired the position several years ago, and he has introduced numerous progressive ideas. Richard is a respected author in clinical medicine circles. Most of his publications address critical issues in healthcare and clinical science.

Before acquiring the prestigious position, Rich was working with Aveta Inc as the chief executive officer. Shinto left the company to join InnovaCare Health. The medical professional has worked in the healthcare industry for more than twenty years, and this explains his leadership skills.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is one of the individuals who have brought a lot of positive changes in InnovaCare Health. Her presence in the company has transformed the whole industry too. She is currently the chief administrative officer. Before acquiring the position, Penelope Kokkinides was working at Aveta Inc. she has served in the clinical medicine industry for more than twenty-five years, and this means that she has a lot of expertise.

Jonathan Meyers

Jonathan Meyers was recently appointed by the board of directors to work at the company as the Chief Actuary Officer. Meyers has worked in the same position in various establishments in the past, and he has the knowledge and expertise needed.

Mike Sortino

Mike Sortino currently holds the post of Chief Accounting Officer. This department is known to many as the most critical, and it requires an experienced and qualified professional so that the company operations run smoothly. Sortino has worked as an accounting officer in several organization in the past, and he is experienced to bring the change needed in the health care company.

InnovaCare Health is based in Puerto Rico, and it deals with physician services and products such as Medicare Advantage. Since it was started several decades ago, InnovaCare Health focuses on improving the services in the industry by installing new technological systems. These services have managed to ease the operations in the country and also contributed to the delivery of cost effectiveness in the industry. The company has many clients from different parts of the country. View the company profile at LinkedIn

Vijay Eswaran And How Spirituality Is Important In The Workplace For Him

Vijay Eswaran manages a company called QI Group which is the cornerstone company to several businesses in multilevel marketing and asset management. What’s unique about this company is how it’s helped many freelancers and entrepreneurial-minded people start their own business in direct selling.

Vijay Eswaran always wanted to help people in his native country of Malaysia both in business and philanthropy, and he also believes spirituality is an important aspect of his work.

He takes moments every day where he meditates or sits in silence and listens, a teaching that the great Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi practiced. Eswaran has been inspired by Gandhi over the years and has mentioned him while speaking at various business forums.

Vijay Eswaran is the son of a former member of the Malaysian Ministry of Labor and a school teacher. He was given a good education growing up and attended the London School of Economics in the 1980s. He graduated with a socio-economic degree, but couldn’t find the right business opportunity right away.

He did start becoming interested in binary marketing, so he got his certification from CIMA and then went to Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA. His interest in binary marketing soon turned into interest in multilevel marketing, and in the early 1990s he returned to Malaysia as part of a multilevel marketing company, the Cosway Group.

He later broke from that company to start his own company in 1998, and that became QI Group. Under that company he also formed QNet, it’s direct sales subsidiary, QStyle, QI Asset Management and Quex Courier.

Eswaran also started several philanthropic foundations as part of QI Group, including RYTHM and the Vijayratnam Foundation.

These foundations have helped needy areas of Asia by providing support and education services to disabled children, environmental cleanup projects when there’s been disasters, and supplying food, shelter and resources to needy communities.

Eswaran’s donations to these charities made him famous in Forbes Asia in their 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy edition.

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A Focus On Mikhail Blagosklonny, A Renowned Scientist

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist. He is known for his research that focuses on aging and cancer. Presently, Mikhail works at the New York based Roswell Cancer Institute, which is one of the leading cancer treatment and research institutions. The professor of oncology was born in Russia. He was admitted to the First Pavlov State Medical College in St. Petersburg to study medicine. Blagosklonny graduated with an M.D. in internal medicine before earning a Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine.

In 2002, Mikhail started working for the New York Medical College. He started as an associate professor. Later, Mikhail became a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. During his tenure at Ordway, Mikhail Blagosklonny was the head of the organization’s research strategies. He served the institution until 2009. Subsequently, he joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail Blagosklonny has researched widely on cellular and molecular biology. In addition, he is among the founders of Cell Cycle, which is a journal that covers mitosis and cancer cell recycling.

Moreover, Blagosklonny’s research specializes on cancer therapies that seek to protect human cells from destruction. Over the years, the professor has been researching on bio-gerontology. This field focuses on the study of aging among humans. He has always zeroed in on developing effective anti-aging drugs. In his research, Blagosklonny’s hypothesis looked on how TOR signaling can be used, especially in cancer and aging. He also noted that rapamycin, a cancer drug, could be used to advance the life span of cancer patients. Besides inhibiting the spread of cancer cells, rapamycin can also enhance the immune system of cancer patients. Mikhail posits that he is passionate about seeing a disease-free community. This way, he works towards developing effective cancer and anti-aging drugs. Read more on Impact Journals.

As an editor, Blagosklonny has been working for different journals, including Aging, Oncotarget, and Cell Cycle. Oncotarget focuses on oncology topics. Impact Journals often publishes the open access journal. In addition, Mikhail serves as an associate editor for Cancer Biology and Therapy, International Journal of Cancer, PLOS ONE, and American Journal of Pathology. He is also part of the editorial board that works for Cell Death & Differentiation. View Mikhail’s profile on Loop

Tammy Mazzocco – Ohio Real Estate Agent

Tammy Mazzocco is an experience real estate agent, a career he started as a secretary at Edwards Realty which is a commercial real-estate organization. At the company, she worked amidst a group of 9 business specialists under the administration of Mike Zelnik, a dynamic business Realtor. Tammy Mazzocco put effort in another seven years in apartment suite administration at Scotland Yard Condominiums. In 1995, she became a certified real estate agent with the recommendation of Broker/Owner of Cook Realty, Ken Cook and general chief of Scotland Yard.

Ken was much instrumental in empowering and teaching Tammy early during her real-estate profession. After Scotland Yard, Tammy Mazzocco went to operate with T&R Properties being a multi-site property chief for two flat edifices and an office stockroom complex. In the mid year of 1998, Tammy turned into an authorized private assistant for a top RE/MAX maker, Joe Armeni, within the Victorian Village territory of Columbus. Doing work with Joe and overseeing everyday operations of a very fruitful developer and agent in real-estate motivated Tammy to do real estate as her full-time profession in 1999.

During the summer of 2000, Tammy Mazzocco joined the group at Judy Gang and Associates in Pickerington, Ohio. The group became an inspiration, friend and mentor to Tammy since then. Presently, Tammy trades residential real-estates in Delaware, Licking, Franklin and Fairfield counties within Central Ohio.

Working of Tammy Mazzocco with other professionals in real estate encouraged her to start it as a full time career. Tammy begins his day with the most vital tasks and finish with the least ones, and that makes his day to be productive. Doing research, brainstorming and working on business plans are some of the ways Tammy Mazzocco managed to bring ideas and even testing their feasibility. While, setting goals and breaking them down is the habit that made her achieve more as a business person. For more info, check out her Facebook page.