Madison Street Capital’s New Nomination

Not long ago, a Chicago-based international investment banking firm, known as Madison Street Capital was announced as a finalist in the 15th Annual M &A Awards. These prestigious awards are recognized internationally as the height of accomplishment in the finance world. The awards honor companies that have shown excellence in deal making, restructuring and financing. The awards also honor professionals who have achieved success in the finance department.


During the 15th M&A Awards, Madison Street Capital was nominated for two categories. The company was nominated for the International and Industrial Deal of the Year as well as the Boutique Investment Bank of the Year. Madison Street Capital was chosen for the International and Industrial Deal of the Year category because of the role it played in facilitating the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados SA by a company known as Dowco.


The international transaction was led by the current senior managing director at Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha. The president and chief executive of the investment company, Charles Botchway says that he is pleased to have been part of the deal. According to Botchway, Dowco is one of the longtime clients of Madison Street. Charles also says that his company is very excited to have been nominated for the awards.


During the acquisition process, Charles also said that his team of experts worked very hard across different time zones to make everything successful. The company had linked Dowco to other emerging ventures in the past, and most of them were a success. The acquisition of Acuna and Asociados was a very complicated cross-border transaction. Karl D’Cunha say that there were different components in the process, making everything difficult.


Madison Street Capital is a privately held company that is based in Chicago. The company was established more than ten years ago, and it has transformed the finance world. The company is dedicated to its clients, ensuring that there is a high level of excellence, service, and integrity in all its projects. Madison Street Capital focuses mostly on offering corporate financial advisory service, financial opinions, and valuation services. The investment banking company provides these vital services to both public and private held ventures. The quality of products and services from the company have enabled it to do very well in the international market. Apart from offering quality services, Madison Street Capital employs only experts in its offices to ensure that its clients get the best. This has greatly improved Madison street capital reputation.


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