Aloha Construction Services; The Best Home Solutions Provider

Aloha Construction is an organization that serves the construction needs of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company deals with various aspects in buildings such as remodeling, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and bathroom remodels. Aloha Construction provides remodeling services from concept to completion. They offer free in home assessment for both minor and major renovations for both commercial and residential buildings.

Aloha Construction can be relied on because it is licensed and insured with a BBB.ORG Rating of 4.9 which is the equivalent of an A+. The company offers professional and affordable service which can improve the look and value of your home in no time. The specialist team comprising of managers, installers, claim inspectors, and office staff are highly experienced and have worked on about 7000 complete projects.

Aloha Construction also offers specialized services such as transforming space into a bathroom. They offer free in home assessment and can transform your space into your dream bathroom. Aloha Construction can conduct either minor updates to existing bathrooms or a complete overhaul of the bathroom to a new desired design. The personnel tasked with this service are professionals and experienced individuals having worked on a number of projects in Illinois.

Aloha Construction offers carpet and upholstery cleaning for both residential and commercial buildings. The professional experts provide free in home assessment along with the cleaning service. Their cleaning technology has no residual effects and is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. The cleaning service is quick and reliable with a service time of 48 hours. Aloha Construction also deals in the roofing, siding, and exterior services in a building. The organization has experienced immense growth since its inception and is now an industry leader with a reputation for excellence and safety unmatched in the construction sector.

How Boraie Development has facilitated the transformation of New Brunswick

Boraie Development is a firm that is appreciated for its role in the growth of New Brunswick’s real estate sector. The enterprise is owned by a 72 years old business mogul, who is known as Omar Boraie. He serves as the CEO of the construction firm and has led in developing outstanding buildings in downtown New Brunswick. Omar studied in Europe, and this enabled him to get excellent real estate ideas that he used in transforming the city.

Omar Boraie made his first real estate investment in 1976 when New Brunswick was in a terrible state. The city was always deserted by about 4 P.M. The businessman started by redeveloping an old block that had 21 vacated buildings. Most people did not believe in Boraie’s investment, and they thought that he was crazy. His first project was a success, and he later started the construction of the Albany Street Plaza Tower One, which is a commercial building that has over 250,000 square feet of office space. Omar launched the building and began developing Albany Street Plaza Tower Two in 2007.

The top-notch office space that had been constructed by Boraie Development encouraged many companies to establish offices in the city. This led to a high demand for residential buildings, and therefore, the company built the One Spring Street Condominium Building. The structure has 121 luxurious apartments that have spacious balconies and beautiful windows. It also comprises of a parking garage, offices, and retail shops. The company sold two bedroom units between $400,000 and $500,000. The apartments encouraged middle-income earners to relocate to downtown New Brunswick. People started being comfortable with acquiring homes and living in the area.

Boraie Development currently buys land and buildings that have not been utilized well, and it transforms them into modern apartments and office spaces. The real estate firm also constructed The Aspire, which is a state-of-the-art structure that has modern apartments, entertainments joints, and restaurants. The company is still seeking opportunities to establish more buildings in New Brunswick. It has also started investing in Atlanta City and Newark.

Omar’s son, Wasseem Boraie, currently acts as the VP of the real estate development enterprise. His remarkable innovation has facilitated the growth of the firm. He has led Boraie Development in acquiring demolition sites and transforming them into outstanding offices spaces and homes. The company bought an old building that was near Richard Stockon College and redeveloped it into a students’ hostel that can accommodate 400 people. You can search him on Yahoo.

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Orange Coast Community College to serve students with new planetarium

Orange County Community College has served Oakland and the surrounding area for over 50 years. It started shortly after World War II, when the county was given some land by the war assets administration.

Eagerly returning vets and other people who were coming of age started their careers by acquiring associates degrees at this college. As with any community college, some people went out into the workforce after they earned their associates degrees while others went on to pursue four year degrees.

The college’s old planetarium served its purpose well, but it was smell and could only accommodate 35 guests at a time. College board members voted to build a new planetarium that would expand its seating capacity and would bring it into the twenty-first century. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Orange County taxpayers would end up spending $20 million on the facility that would serve college, high school and middle school students found throughout Oakland and the surrounding areas.

The taxpayers of Orange County will now find themselves paying slightly less for the facility. A 90-year-old professor who taught Spanish and English at the college decided to donate $1 million to the construction project. She did it out of love for the institution, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Orange County Community College plans on continuing to serve its students. It is one of the top three transfer institutions in the state. Many of its former students go on to attend classes at the California University or at the University of California at Berkley. The latter institution is known for producing the Unix operating system.

Waiakea Water Provides Clean Water to Poor Communities

Waiakea Water is a philanthropic company that has helped increase the access people have to clean drinking water. Lack of access to clean water is a serious problem that plagues many communities in Africa and throughout the world. Waiakea Water has partnered with a charity called Pump Aid to help poor communities gain access to clean water. Pump Aid has focused its efforts on Malawi, where dirty water is a contributor to one of the leading causes of death. The charity installs “Elephant Pumps;” an award winning and sustainable pump, ensuring that everyone in the village has access to clean water, saving lives as it decreases the men and women’s exposure to water-born illnesses.

The effect Waiakea Water and Pump Aid has had in Malawi is considerable. Pump Aid has provided clean water to 1.35 million people throughout Africa and to 487,600 people in Malawi alone. This has resulted in less malnutrition and exposure to water-bourn illnesses, more children in school, and more time for women to focus on other needs as they spend less time commuting to find clean water. Pump Aid has changed the lives of millions of people and Waiakea is extremely excited about and proud of the partnership.

Waiakea Water is unique in that it comes from a volcano in Hawaii. The water is filtered through the volcano, making it naturally alkaline and healthier to drink than most filtered waters. The bottles themselves are 100% recyclable and use 85% less energy to manufacture than most name brand water bottles. So not only is Waiakea Water one of the healthiest and most natural waters out there, the packaging is safe for the environment.

Founder Ryan Emmons didn’t stop there at making one of the healthiest and most eco-friendly water bottles. He wanted to include a philanthropic aspect to his new business. So he started his partnership with Pump Aid, a charity that has been incredibly successful in providing clean drinking waters to poor communities. For every bottle of Waiakea Water sold, Emmons ensures that a community gets 1 week of clean water.

Dick Devos knows how to Work and Make Money

Anybody that wants to be financially successful will have to learn how to work. There is no getting around this fact. If a person wants money or to be rich, they are going to have to work for the money they want. This is true for any rich millionaire, including Dick Devos the president of the Windquest Group. Here is some general information about Devos and how his work ethic has helped him to succeed in life.


Dick Devos is the son of billionaire Richard Devos who is the main founder of Amway. When Dick was a child he worked hard for his father’s company. Richard’s business was located in his home when Amway was first starting off. Young Dick and his brother would make it a point to entertain and assist his father’s guests. This activity went on for many years and it helped to lay a foundation for Devos work ethic into the future.


By the way, Devos’s childhood is like many other wealthy families. He had to learn how to work at a young age. People who are wealthy will teach their children this important concept at a young age. They will really push the ethic of work so that their kids will develop it and use it in the future.


Dick eventually started to grow up and took on more responsibility within his father’s company. Soon he was a young teen and then he graduated high school. He worked for his father’s company all throughout his teen years. Then Dick went to college. He attended Northwood University where he earned a degree in business administration.


After he graduated he took on an important position at his father’s company. After working many years, he earned the position of vice president. He was not the only person to occupy this position at the time since Amway has many vice- presidents. Once Dick arrived at this position he quickly distinguished himself. His father would not hand him anything and he worked hard to become the President of the organization. Once he arrived at this position he increased the company’s overall value.


Keep in mind that Dick Devos was even the president of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise during the 2000s. However, he left this position to go back to Amway before moving on to Windquest. Keep in mind that Devos has even ran for the governor’s position of Michigan during the 2000s. While he did not win this position he still is a key player in Michigan politics.


Devos is also an avid member of the political and educational scene within Michigan state and the city of Grand Rapids. He is married to Betsy Devos the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education. Devos is a smart man and he is very successful. His work ethic is phenomenal. His wife and he even has a foundation where they provide millions of dollars in donations to help people to be successful in life. Dick Devos is a great example of a person who is working hard and doing their best.