Orange Coast Community College to serve students with new planetarium

Orange County Community College has served Oakland and the surrounding area for over 50 years. It started shortly after World War II, when the county was given some land by the war assets administration.

Eagerly returning vets and other people who were coming of age started their careers by acquiring associates degrees at this college. As with any community college, some people went out into the workforce after they earned their associates degrees while others went on to pursue four year degrees.

The college’s old planetarium served its purpose well, but it was smell and could only accommodate 35 guests at a time. College board members voted to build a new planetarium that would expand its seating capacity and would bring it into the twenty-first century. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Orange County taxpayers would end up spending $20 million on the facility that would serve college, high school and middle school students found throughout Oakland and the surrounding areas.

The taxpayers of Orange County will now find themselves paying slightly less for the facility. A 90-year-old professor who taught Spanish and English at the college decided to donate $1 million to the construction project. She did it out of love for the institution, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Orange County Community College plans on continuing to serve its students. It is one of the top three transfer institutions in the state. Many of its former students go on to attend classes at the California University or at the University of California at Berkley. The latter institution is known for producing the Unix operating system.

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