Meet Todd Lubar, a Shrewd Entrepreneur, Businessman and Real Estate Investor

Recently, Todd Lubar held an interview with IdeaMensch where he opened up about his career and life. His desire to aid other people to achieve their aspirations was the main inspiration behind the inception of TDL Global Ventures. As a result, he created a program dubbed RELIEF that eliminates the typical barriers that prevent individuals from getting the desired loans.

A normal day for Todd involves sharing breakfast with his children in the morning before checking his email and scrolling the news on Patreon. He also manages to squeeze some time for a quick morning workout before heading to the office. All these activities play a great role in preparing him for the day’s events. For Todd Lubar, staying hyper-organized and updated about all the elements of his business, make him a more productive entrepreneur.

Todd advocates for people to surround themselves with individuals who not only promote their growth but also challenge them. He has also learnt the value of not giving up over the years, especially since one of his business deals flopped. Additionally, Todd Lubar is a fan of The Magic of Thinking Big written by David J. Schwartz.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an acclaimed real estate investor and the senior VP of legendary Investments. He also serves TDL Global Ventures in the capacity of the company’s president. As a businessperson and entrepreneur, Todd boasts more than two decades of experience in the real estate industry. In fact, he has played an instrumental function in assisting other individuals to fulfill their objective to become homeowners. What’s more, Todd Lubar has featured among the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States for several years.

Todd holds a B.A in speech communication undergraduate degree, which he attained from Syracuse University. He landed his first employment opportunity with Crestar Mortgage Communication where he stayed from 1995-1999. Afterwards, Todd Lubar joined Arlington-based Legacy Financial Group. At the company, he assisted in the growth of the company’s Maryland office. In 2005, Todd Lubar moved to Charter Funding where he took up the role of senior vice president and stayed until 2007. Since then, he has owned demolition, nightclub, real estate and recycling businesses. View Todd’s profile on

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