Fabletics and Kate Hudson Excel With the Reverse Showroom

So what is the reverse showroom? It’s the innovative business concept that Fabletics is using to successfully take on Amazon and the proof is in their extraordinary rate of growth during their first two years. Of course, no discussion about the company would be complete without mentioning their high-energy spokesperson Kate Hudson. With her leading the way, the company has flourished and become a big hit in ladies activewear.

The reverse showroom is one unique component of Fabletics and goes hand in hand with their subscription business model. Most of their customers will browse digitally and then go to a physical location already knowing what they’re interested in. This is in direct contravention of what is most common these days as customers browse physical locations and then purchase online or elsewhere. A significant percentage of shoppers are already members with Fabletics and many others sign up as they shop.

The personalized service that Fabletics offers is accomplished by a deep knowledge of their customer base. They are able to offer them exciting products at an excellent price by understanding their wants and needs. The items that they sell is typically half the price of their competitors and the fashions are trendsetting as well. The durability and quality must also be mentioned as all these factors combine and have disrupted the activewear segment.

The Lifestyle Quiz enables Fabletics to get to know its customers and their preferences. This helps them personalize products to prospective customers that are in conjunction with how they live. It is another example of their ability to put the knowledge of their customers to work in a much greater way than other companies.

Kate Hudson was the perfect choice to be the face of Fabletics as her active lifestyle is a natural fit for the company. She has been personally involved since the earliest days and plays a great role in the design and fashion aspect of the business. She always advocates for fresh styles that are unique and trendy. She is also very good on the social media side and brings knowledge and acumen to this important phase as well.

The fact that she wears the products that she endorses is a strong recommendation for many. It’s rare to see a celebrity actually use the products they endorse and her commitment is refreshing to see. Her authenticity has the ring of truth to it and makes another compelling argument for the brand. Trendy fashions, great prices, high-quality, and Kate Hudson. What more do you need to know?

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