A Comprehensive Overview of USHealth Advisors

Dallas, Texas-based USHealth Advisors functions as functions as a fully-owned USHealth Group’s countrywide insurance distribution unit. As such, the company is involved in selling health coverage plans for individuals and additional products. Both the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, subsidiaries of USHealth Group Inc., are involved in underwriting the products. Follow:https://twitter.com/ushadvisors?lang=en

Since its inception in 2010, US Advisors continues to depict its strong commitment to serving the self-employed, families, small business owners and individuals. The company relies on its wide array of plans including dental insurance, accident coverage, innovative fixed indemnity health plans, health coverage, guaranteed issue plans, and more.

USHealth Advisors Careers

USHealth Advisors offers world-class support to its agents to ensure that they achieve the desired success. The support comes in the form of the following aspects:

  • Cross-Selling Initiatives

Thanks to the company’s strategic business partnerships, agents receive access to supplementary services and products that boost their personalized protection portfolio’s value. This benefit allows them to increase their income, improve customer retention and maximize customer relations.

  • Agent Prospecting tools

The company gives its agents access to knowledge, resources, and tools to help them to market their products effectively. These tools include direct mail pieces, agent website, print ads, and many others.

  • Qualified Leads

USHealth Advisors finances the generation of pre-qualified leads from established marketing channels. In this case, the company works hand in hand with local sales management to spot the most effective lead sources available in the market.

Insurance Agents’ Salaries

Aside from the above benefits, USHealth Advisors offers attractive salary packages for its employees. Insurance agents get an average annual salary ranging from $0-150,000. Typically, the salary falls at $68,216. With the inclusion of bonuses and other compensation benefits, an insurance agent working for USHealth can receive an average pay of $124,389.

USHealth Advisors BBB

USHealth Advisors is an A+ rated business according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has a reputation for implementing a training program that allows their insurance agents to complete satisfactorily. It also enjoys a reputation for responding to clients appropriately regarding any case of unprofessionalism.

Learn more: http://www.ushealthfamily.com/


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