Troy McQuagge, Setting the Business Standard

The One Planet Best in Business Awards honors only the upper echelon of business CEO’s around the globe for displaying outstanding business management skills throughout a given year. All adaptions and sizes of businesses are acceptable for this award, bringing a plethora of worthy candidates to the table. The 2016 gold winner was Troy McQuagge, the proud CEO of USHEALTH Group, inc.

USHEALTH Group has experienced rapid growth since Troy McQuagges arrival in the company. Troy admirably ascended through the ranks of company, starting in 2010 when he was tasked with reforming the captive distribution agency. Troys actions with the agency sparked rapid success for the company resulting in his eventual promotion to CEO and President of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

As president Troy showed expert business skills, unrivaled by any other in the industry. USHEALTH Group preceded many past sales records while Troy was commanding the company. USHEALTH Group recorded record high profits for four years consecutively and has experienced an exponential share price increase during Troys reign. Statistics undeniably placed Troy among the top candidates for this award. His business savvy is well documented and on full display as USHEALTH Group continues to grow into the future. Follow:

Upon accepting The One Planet Best in Business Award, Troy showed immense humbleness emphasizing, “In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc.” (prweb). This statement displays some of the necessary attributes Troy utilized to propel himself to win this award and effectively develop his business. It is clear Troy does not solely accept credit for the success of USHEALTH, he understands the variety of different cogs needed to operate the well-oiled machine that is USHEALTH Group. Giving credit to those who helped Troy reach this accolade is the mark of a distinguished leader who rightfully deserves to be celebrated.

The One Planet Best in Business Award recognizes CEO’s who are outstanding in the business world. Troy McQuagge has shown his business competence with the immense growth of his company, USHEALTH Group, Inc. Although other candidates may be able to stake a shaky claim to be named the gold standard in modern business, no others have the definitive analytical credentials to support such a cause. Troy continues to transcend expectations as USHEALTH continues to soar, proving he is justifiably the gold winner.



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