Vijay Eswaran of QI Group Is A Successful Business Mentor

In business , we all need role models and mentors to guide us. Role models as well as mentors have one thing in common; they can guide us through the murky roads of challenges that pose as business ideas or competition. All too often, business prospects rely on insightful advice for them to succeed. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

A good business mentor will walk you through the way of new terminologies and guide you to succeed. An excellent role model is often determined to see you succeed. These are the traits of one Vijay Eswaran, a man who has shaken the world in various ways.

Background Data

Vijay Eswaran is a renowned entrepreneur whose works travel beyond business into being an author and a philanthropist. He has often put in a lot of effort in empowering young business prospects. Aside from that, he is a successful individual whose works can be seen from his input in different fields. Vijay hails from Malaysia but he relocated to the United Kingdom for education purposes.

He also traveled to America to advance his studies. What better describes his effort to succeed is how humble his background is.

He comes from a humble family and that is why he put in a lot of work to succeed. Eswaran worked hard in school. He graduated and joined the working class to become the executive head cheerleader of QI Group.

Early Life

Eswaran’s journey was not an easy one as he was once a construction site worker. From there , he paved his way into working for a grape vine firm as a picker.

He even worked as a cab driver. Eswaran presently talks to the young generation regarding work and business as well as how to succeed in both. His confidence is perhaps his major pillar when it comes to conducting business.

The Conclusion

At QI Group, Eswaran has been instrumental in developing talent. He is not only the chairman but also one of the wealthiest in his caliber. In his journey to success, he delved into multilevel marketing. Until now, he has been thriving in success. Eswaran is definitely, a role model to many.

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