The Academy of Art University Dazzles with Yearly Fashion Show

The Huffington Post calls the NYFW Show put on by the Academy of Art University the future of fashion. This is the twenty-first time the University has put on a runway show featuring their recent graduates and their creations. The show put on by the School of Fashion was held at Skylight Clarkson Square. This time there were ten of them showcasing five womenswear collections and two menswear collections. Out of all the collections, two of them collaborated.

With designers coming from China and all over the United States, there was a diverse group represented. The designs were shown in front of an eager audience that included such icons as Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model.

In 1929 the Academy of Art University was founded in San Francisco by a painter and magazine editor, Richard S. Stephens. It was originally founded for advertising art and has grown into a well-known school for fashion and design professionals. The role of the presidency was then taken over by his son and the current president his daughter Elisa Stephens. Elisa Stephens has grown the student population to over eighteen thousand students from the two thousand they had when she started.

The fashion show put the student’s individual spirits on display but it also showcased the school’s mission and the hard work they inspire in their students. They offer anyone who wants to learn admission to their school and don’t require an impressive art portfolio. They have a code of ethics they teach to their students and strive to teach anyone with a passion for art.

The Academy of Art University offers over twenty subjects with both graduate and undergraduate degrees. They can count several well-known designers and a Pulitzer Prize winner among their graduates. The school takes pride in giving back to San Francisco whenever they can and have many working artists teaching their classes.

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