How Fabletics Creates a Unique User Experience

Fabletics has become the darling gem of the athletic wear industry. The company has achieved massive success in an industry flooded with e-commerce stores, including giant wholesalers like Amazon. Yet, Fabletics has still managed to shine by building a membership base of over 1.4 million people. Each month these 1.4 million people are treated to a fresh outfit from Fabletics. Each shipment is curated specifically from user data about the individual themselves, granting a higher customer satisfaction rate. Members love Fabletics and the company is now being referenced frequently in comparison scenarios to the likes of Uber and Apple.


This type of rapid success was always the vision when Fabletics was founded. For founder Kate Hudson and parent company, TechStyle Group LLC., success was always expected. TechStyle Group has a long string of successful e-commerce companies prior to work with Fabletics. The group is half fashion, half data marketing. Founders of TechStyle Group are adamant about the collection and application of user purchasing preferences to create the types of websites that people visit daily to shop around. Kate Hudson, who had no business background but a passion for fitness, has a hands-on focus on continuing to grow and innovate within Fabletics.


Kate Hudson is fiercely passion about Fabletics. She said in a recent article that she would never considering being the spokesperson for a company she didn’t believe in, let alone become a hands-on leader within the company. She isn’t just the face of Fabletics, she is the heart of the company. In her role she is a jack of all trades. She directs social media strategy, serves as the face of the ad campaigns, speaks publicly for the company and monitors buying trends. In fact, she even monitors sales data on a weekly basis to search for developing trends among members.


Fabletics has only a handful of stores throughout the country. The company uses what is called a reverse showroom method to invite members into an entire online showroom, rather than a traditional brick-and-mortar store. With just over a dozen physical stores in choice locations throughout the country, Fabletics has proven that a company can rise from a startup to an empire in just a few short years.


There is a unique lifestyle quiz you can take on the Fabletics website that will generate your own user profile. The quiz asks just a few simple questions and then creates a profile tailored specifically to your style!

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