Rocketship Education Makes a Huge Difference in Children’s Learning

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of private elementary charter learning centers, geared to help children in economically distressed areas. In many of our inner cities a viable tax base has left the area, leaving little funds to properly fund a robust school system.

Rocketship Education has built a system that can go into an area where there has been a lack of good quality elementary education and provide an astonishing program that helps children learn. They believe that every child has the right to discover their own destiny and to dream their dreams and learn how to achieve them.

In areas where there is little to no quality elementary schools, children fall behind compared to their peers in other, more adequately funded areas, and that gap is never recovered. It is the goal of Rocketship Education to eliminate that gap in our lifetime.

The secret of success for Rocketship is the partnership that is developed with the educators of excellent quality, the parents of the children, and the children themselves. The key term here is empowerment for all of the participants, with the ultimate goal of helping the student succeed. It is a process of transformation from a situation of no quality schooling at all to a situation of hope and achievement.

Rocketship believes that every student is unique in his or her own way and that their learning path may differ from individual to individual. When parents become involved they become empowered as a main influence and inspiration to their children, and the partnership is very dynamic and exciting. The parents are “in the know” about what is going on and their stake in the student’s success becomes the synergy that helps the student zero in on what needs to be accomplished.

The emphasis of the educational process at Rocketship revolves around the STEM program, or science, technology, engineering, and Math, with time spent in other non-related areas too. The students study, music, art, gardening and other activities so that they become well rounded in all areas.

Students are motivated to achieve and as a result the average Rocketship student graduates a full year ahead of his or her peers in the public schools sector.

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