Jason Hope Wants To Cure Aging

Jason Hope is certainly a man of ambition, but his hopes aren’t the normal fantasies that many blindly pursue. He seeks to take the technology being developed now and give the world entirely new ways of thinking about things around us. His new focus is on anti aging technology and finding ways to help us stop or reverse the aging process. His efforts to do so aren’t alone nor are they new. Many others support what he wants to see and he is supporting them. The future is going to be exciting and it’s certain that Jason Hope will be a part of it.

The SENS Institute is the center of this anti aging movement. This organization is devoted to curing aging entirely as a disease. The current concept of aging as something we simply must accept as a basic part of life doesn’t mesh with their worldview. Just like we don’t accept death by bacterial infection as an inherent part of life, we shouldn’t accept that people will naturally suffer from aging. The key to solving aging will be difficult to find, but with the help of the tech world we’ll be much more likely to find a way to do it.

The movement against aging is an example of what Hope believes technology does best. He’s always seen technology as a means to improve the world around us and create things people have only dreamed of. Whether that means the Internet of Things or the ability to live as well as we did when we were young, he’s fully prepared to support it. His donations and futurism have created quite a bit of optimism around this technology, but only time will tell if it comes to light. New discoveries are making it more obvious that the current thoughts about aging are wrong.

Jason Hope is a big believer in technology for a reason. He has built a legacy for himself through his focus on creating tech companies in the Arizona region. The tech industry is usually associated with California or Washington, but thanks to his work we can now see it emerging in the southwest. This new direction for the industry is going to show exactly what Jason Hope can do and cement his legacy. We just have to wait to see everything that he plans to do and everything that he will ultimately be capable of doing in the end.

Tony Petrello And Skillful Leadership

There are many companies that operate in cities that experience significant catastrophes. These companies don’t always do their part to help out, however. Genuinely helping out on this planet is actually a rare thing. Businesses that legitimate want to do positive things for the people near them can sometimes seem few and far between, sadly enough. There are, though, some companies that thankfully have the ability to restore peoples’ confidence levels in humanity. People who want rock-solid examples of this type of company can always pay attention to Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries Ltd is a business that’s all about geothermal drilling, natural gas and oil. It was established back in 1968. It has offices both in Houston, Texas and in Hamilton, Bermuda right now.

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2017 wasn’t exactly the best year for Houston. It wasn’t exactly the best year for the state of Texas in general. People who live in Houston and in nearby towns and cities experienced seriously negative consequences after Hurricane Harvey reared its ugly head. They had to deal with extensive flooding, home destruction, supply shortages and more. Needless to say, things haven’t been a walk in the park for Houston locals in recent times. According to patch.com, Nabors Industries, though, is a company that has a solid presence in the metropolis. That’s the reason the Nabors Industries team made the decision to be selfless and lend a helping hand. The team members who work for this massive company did just that, too. They didn’t go to work for a while. That’s because they used that valuable time to assist the people who were in the middle of such difficult and taxing circumstances.

Tony G. Petrello is also called “Anthony.” He’s the highly respected leader of Nabors Industries Ltd. He’s its thoughtful Chief Executive Officer. Other leadership roles he has are those of President and even Chairman of the Board. This professional had a strong career before being part of the Nabors Industries Ltd. team, too. He had a job with Baker & McKenzie, a legal practice. The main areas of expertise at the firm were straightforward corporate law, taxation and global arbitration. Petrello naturally knows a lot about all of these topics. He was a managing partner for Baker & McKenzie. He worked out of the company’s office located in New York. He remained a strong presence there until he made the decision to exit the position back in 1991.

See: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324392804578358772612205556

USHealth Group Is Providing Its Customers The Best Insurance Options On The Market Todat

USHealth Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and provides disability, accident, disease/sickness, and life insurance through a group of subsidiaries, which include National Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The company helps to insure families, small business owners as well as their employees, and self-employed people and covers over 15 million people with premium plans. USHealth Group really shines when it comes to providing insurance that fits people’s individual situations, and the company offers a variety of options that people can choose from that is most appropriate for their needs.

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USHealth Group knows that insurance can be out of reach for people who are on a limited budget, and for this reason, they have created a portfolio of of products which give these customers first dollar benefits as well as discounts from a spread of providers. While these tailor-made plans might not be as comprehensive, they are much cheaper and offer people on a budget the chance to have first dollar protection. This has given peace of mind to thousands upon thousands of people who would not have any kind of insurance otherwise.

USHealth Group’s family of companies enables it to offer some people a more individualized coverage. Their specified Disease/Sickness and Accident coverage gives people reliable and affordable instance that is flexible. The ancillary products that the company carries include Income Protector, Term Life Insurance, Dental and Vision, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Accident, and Disease/Sickness plans. The goal of USHealth Group is to always build long term relationships with its customers, so they don’t have to continually be searching for a new insurance carrier. USHealth Group knows this just causes undue stress in people’s lives and wastes large portions of their time that they could be spending with their family or other pursuits. Learn more about  USHealth Group at Crunchbase

USHealth Group’s Linkedin page explains that they have over 50 collective years of health insurance experience and how their family of companies thrive on innovation while offering real people flexible plans that are affordable and secure. Their page also highlights that the privately held company has 201-500 employees and that they provide Accident Coverage, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Innovative Fixed Indemnity Health Plans, Health Coverage, and much more. On the right hand side of their Linkedin page, you can see some of the subsidiaries that are under the umbrella of the company.

In 2017 USHealth Group was the Gold Winner in the Annual 2017 CEO World Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. The award is given to companies for their leadership, new products and services, corporate social responsibility, organizational performance, and more, and the winners are showcased in San Francisco during a Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner thrown in their honor.

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Entrepreneurship and Medicine with Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna always knew he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. His own father was a physician, and he was proud to follow in his footsteps. By focusing on lifestyle and aesthetic medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna helps people see the change they can make in their own lives.

Born in New Orleans, McKenna was educated at Tulane University Medical School. After finishing his education, he returned home. With an MD and an MBA, McKenna was ready to take the worlds of business and medicine by storm. He joined his father’s medical practice, and began to invest in real estate.

Sadly, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of McKenna’s beloved home city. He stayed on for two years to help re-build. In fact, Dr. Mark McKenna was a board member for the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. But by 2007, it was time to move on. McKenna headed to Atlanta, and launched ShapeMed.

ShapeMed was a dream come true for Dr. McKenna. This innovative lifestyle medical practice was hugely successful. He even appeared on CBS to discuss it. After seven years in business, Dr. McKenna got an “itch.” He sold his thriving company in 2014. Again, he stayed on for two years to assist with changes. But by 2017, it was time for something new.

Next, Dr. Mark McKenna founded OVME. This is a truly new endeavor. It’s a technologically advanced company centered on medical aesthetics. It’s aimed at consumers, not other medical professionals. With OVME, the public can take the reins when it comes to their healthcare. This consumer-driven type of practice is one that really appeals to entrepreneurial types like Dr. McKenna. He’s a true believer in the wisdom of the common person, and the importance of open markets.

In his still-young career, Dr. Mark McKenna has launched two burgeoning medical businesses. He’s shown how much he loves to give back to his community. He’s demonstrated that he’s a responsible businessman, by shepherding his projects through difficult times. It will be truly interesting to see what a born problem-solver and leader like Dr. McKenna does next.

Troy McQuagge, Setting the Business Standard

The One Planet Best in Business Awards honors only the upper echelon of business CEO’s around the globe for displaying outstanding business management skills throughout a given year. All adaptions and sizes of businesses are acceptable for this award, bringing a plethora of worthy candidates to the table. The 2016 gold winner was Troy McQuagge, the proud CEO of USHEALTH Group, inc.

USHEALTH Group has experienced rapid growth since Troy McQuagges arrival in the company. Troy admirably ascended through the ranks of company, starting in 2010 when he was tasked with reforming the captive distribution agency. Troys actions with the agency sparked rapid success for the company resulting in his eventual promotion to CEO and President of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

As president Troy showed expert business skills, unrivaled by any other in the industry. USHEALTH Group preceded many past sales records while Troy was commanding the company. USHEALTH Group recorded record high profits for four years consecutively and has experienced an exponential share price increase during Troys reign. Statistics undeniably placed Troy among the top candidates for this award. His business savvy is well documented and on full display as USHEALTH Group continues to grow into the future. Follow:https://twitter.com/troymcquagge?lang=en

Upon accepting The One Planet Best in Business Award, Troy showed immense humbleness emphasizing, “In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc.” (prweb). This statement displays some of the necessary attributes Troy utilized to propel himself to win this award and effectively develop his business. It is clear Troy does not solely accept credit for the success of USHEALTH, he understands the variety of different cogs needed to operate the well-oiled machine that is USHEALTH Group. Giving credit to those who helped Troy reach this accolade is the mark of a distinguished leader who rightfully deserves to be celebrated.

The One Planet Best in Business Award recognizes CEO’s who are outstanding in the business world. Troy McQuagge has shown his business competence with the immense growth of his company, USHEALTH Group, Inc. Although other candidates may be able to stake a shaky claim to be named the gold standard in modern business, no others have the definitive analytical credentials to support such a cause. Troy continues to transcend expectations as USHEALTH continues to soar, proving he is justifiably the gold winner.

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A Comprehensive Overview of USHealth Advisors

Dallas, Texas-based USHealth Advisors functions as functions as a fully-owned USHealth Group’s countrywide insurance distribution unit. As such, the company is involved in selling health coverage plans for individuals and additional products. Both the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, subsidiaries of USHealth Group Inc., are involved in underwriting the products. Follow:https://twitter.com/ushadvisors?lang=en

Since its inception in 2010, US Advisors continues to depict its strong commitment to serving the self-employed, families, small business owners and individuals. The company relies on its wide array of plans including dental insurance, accident coverage, innovative fixed indemnity health plans, health coverage, guaranteed issue plans, and more.

USHealth Advisors Careers

USHealth Advisors offers world-class support to its agents to ensure that they achieve the desired success. The support comes in the form of the following aspects:

  • Cross-Selling Initiatives

Thanks to the company’s strategic business partnerships, agents receive access to supplementary services and products that boost their personalized protection portfolio’s value. This benefit allows them to increase their income, improve customer retention and maximize customer relations.

  • Agent Prospecting tools

The company gives its agents access to knowledge, resources, and tools to help them to market their products effectively. These tools include direct mail pieces, agent website, print ads, and many others.

  • Qualified Leads

USHealth Advisors finances the generation of pre-qualified leads from established marketing channels. In this case, the company works hand in hand with local sales management to spot the most effective lead sources available in the market.

Insurance Agents’ Salaries

Aside from the above benefits, USHealth Advisors offers attractive salary packages for its employees. Insurance agents get an average annual salary ranging from $0-150,000. Typically, the salary falls at $68,216. With the inclusion of bonuses and other compensation benefits, an insurance agent working for USHealth can receive an average pay of $124,389.

USHealth Advisors BBB

USHealth Advisors is an A+ rated business according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has a reputation for implementing a training program that allows their insurance agents to complete satisfactorily. It also enjoys a reputation for responding to clients appropriately regarding any case of unprofessionalism.

Learn more: http://www.ushealthfamily.com/


Oncotarget Abides By Its Free and Open Principles

Oncotarget, a well-known traditional multidisciplinary journal, abides with free and open access as its core values.

It focuses on this on research topics surrounding oncology, the study that is centered around preventing diseases.

In this matter, Oncotarget serves the scientific community by remaining somewhat focused on its initial focus, oncology.

Oncotarget strongly fulfills its role to the scientific community by having the journal achieved by publishing papers online consistently.

With the renowned journal’s mission stated objective being “to ensure that scientific results are widely available”, its ultimate goal is to ensure the published studies in its journal is to be studied and thoroughly researched – especially in means in furthering research openly altogether.

The ultimate reason for this is to ensure that their oncological objective can be met: using the published studies to fight successfully against diseases before they become a significant problem. Learn more about Oncotarget at Eurekalert.org.

With its core values being democratization and a methodology to match that successfully, Oncotarget is able to competently collaborate with recognized scientific indexes.

The journal also archives various published studies to allow free and open access to every researcher to further to comprehend the studies that are being conducted. Perhaps, that study can be repeated and experimented again.

Listen: https://player.fm/series/oncotarget

As stated before, Oncotarget’s original precise focused was oncology.

Later on,the journal had added other studies such as chromosomes, microbiology, and other forms of studies.

Oncotarget as a multidisclipary traditional journal has been active since 2010.

In that short amount of time, it is currently the world’s largest oncology peer-reviewed research publication.

More Publications in a Short Amount of Time

Currently, Oncotarget is to increase amount of the journal publishes by simply increasing how many times the readers would be able to read the publication on a weekly basis.

This doesn’t mean that readers are restricted from reading Oncotarget.

Quite the opposite, Oncotarget is to be a twice-weekly publication.

Because of this, the subscribers of the media platform are to receive new issues biweekly on Tuesday and on Friday.

The stated reason behind this increased frequency is to prevent delays in the releases of their publications.

Launching Their Series of Podcasts

With the exciting news that the journal is becoming a twice-weekly publication, Oncotarget is releasing their own series of podcasts.

“Our mission has always been to make exceptional discoveries rapidly and widely available, eliminate borders between specialties by linking different fields of biomedical science and foster applications of basic and clinical science, stated Oncotarget’s editor-in-chief.

This great new auditory avenue to allow people to discover new developments in the scientific community.

The podcast series will be available on platforms such as Stitcher, Blubrry, and Soundcloud.

Strictly Free and Open Access

Remaining true to its core value of democratization of open and free access, Oncotarget continues to move the study of oncology forward. Learn more at researchgate.net

The Importance of Choosing Appropriate FreedomLife Insurance

Many people are scared to broach the subject of owning a life insurance policy. In reality, this is just another way to plan for the future. Parents with young children will want to ensure that continued education will be paid for in the event that the main breadwinner is no longer present. Finding an appropriate life insurance policy is easier if the right insurance agency is selected. Many good life insurance companies, such as Freedom Life Insurance, offer assistance when time to take out or update a policy. A good agent can be invaluable when determining the bones of needed life insurance intended to provide for your beneficiaries.

Freedom Life Insurance offers many varied policy options. From term life to permanent policies, this agency has a right fit for every individual and family group. Term life insurance is terrific if the policy holder will only be needing the intended coverage for a shorter amount of time. These payments are typically very reasonably priced. This can be a good starting point for strapped for cash young families. It is wise to discuss whether the policy can be renewed without the hassle of passing a medical exam in a future time. Some policies waive the exam, but others will require this dependent action.

Permanent life insurance can be more financially practical if it is affordable. These policies often allow the insured to borrow funds that do accrue over time. This money can pay for a home remodel, new car, kid’s college education or to pay the policy premiums. Be sure to get the amount of coverage that will ensure the same level of financial security that is desired. A qualified agent can help figure all of this out for added customer service convenience. Freedom Life Insurance has fantastic payment plans, coverage details and guaranteed payout promises.

Nobody expects the unthinkable future health decline or accidents. The stress during these times can be much alleviated by having money from a Freedom Life Insurance policy payout. It only takes a short amount of time to sign up for a policy. Call about options today.

Learn more: http://www.whitepages.com/business/freedom-life-insurance-co-of-america-fort-worth-tx

Fabletics and Kate Hudson Excel With the Reverse Showroom

So what is the reverse showroom? It’s the innovative business concept that Fabletics is using to successfully take on Amazon and the proof is in their extraordinary rate of growth during their first two years. Of course, no discussion about the company would be complete without mentioning their high-energy spokesperson Kate Hudson. With her leading the way, the company has flourished and become a big hit in ladies activewear.

The reverse showroom is one unique component of Fabletics and goes hand in hand with their subscription business model. Most of their customers will browse digitally and then go to a physical location already knowing what they’re interested in. This is in direct contravention of what is most common these days as customers browse physical locations and then purchase online or elsewhere. A significant percentage of shoppers are already members with Fabletics and many others sign up as they shop.

The personalized service that Fabletics offers is accomplished by a deep knowledge of their customer base. They are able to offer them exciting products at an excellent price by understanding their wants and needs. The items that they sell is typically half the price of their competitors and the fashions are trendsetting as well. The durability and quality must also be mentioned as all these factors combine and have disrupted the activewear segment.

The Lifestyle Quiz enables Fabletics to get to know its customers and their preferences. This helps them personalize products to prospective customers that are in conjunction with how they live. It is another example of their ability to put the knowledge of their customers to work in a much greater way than other companies.

Kate Hudson was the perfect choice to be the face of Fabletics as her active lifestyle is a natural fit for the company. She has been personally involved since the earliest days and plays a great role in the design and fashion aspect of the business. She always advocates for fresh styles that are unique and trendy. She is also very good on the social media side and brings knowledge and acumen to this important phase as well.

The fact that she wears the products that she endorses is a strong recommendation for many. It’s rare to see a celebrity actually use the products they endorse and her commitment is refreshing to see. Her authenticity has the ring of truth to it and makes another compelling argument for the brand. Trendy fashions, great prices, high-quality, and Kate Hudson. What more do you need to know?

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Champions of Migrant Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of the most well-known human rights activists in the United States. The two were known to accept migrants coming from the south, helping them process their documents to become legal citizens of the United States and they are also actively helping the migrants look for a job and a place to live.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been helping the migrants through their private fund, named the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, and the total amount of cash available inside their fund is $3.75 million.

The migrants who were assisted by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin now have comfortable lives in the United States, and they are also giving out some of their money to help other migrants who have just arrived in the United States.

The origin of the Frontera Fund dates back to 2007, when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by the men of Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff. He accused Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin of posting malicious information online about his case that is being filed by the county attorney.

They were brought inside the court, and Joe Arpaio wanted Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to delete the information they posted, and he also wanted a complete list of all the people who managed to visit the website by tracing down their IP addresses. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: https://angel.co/michael-lacey-3 and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin refused to provide the information that the Maricopa County Sheriff wanted, and the request of Joe Arpaio also triggered the outrage of the locals living in Phoenix, as well as the city’s media people.

They said that it is a violation of the constitution because it will affect the privacy of the citizens who managed to view the page. They are also demanding for the release of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

After massive protests around the city, the judge dropped the case filed against the two, stating that there is no strong evidence against them. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin filed a counter protest against the Maricopa County, and they won.

They received $3.75 million for the damages against their name, and they used the money to start a private fund that will help migrants coming from the south. Up until this day, the Frontera Fund is being used to help people who are in need, and the fund keeps of growing because of the extensive number of donors.