José Auriemo Neto: Getting High Quality Real Estate Training

Are you thinking about starting a real estate investing business? Want to seek out real estate coaching or training from a reputable and trustworthy professional? José Auriemo Neto is a great choice for anyone who is serious about achieving success in this fabulous field.

José Auriemo Neto is a renowned real estate professional. Based in Brazil, José Auriemo Neto has been providing excellent service to wide variety of customers and clients and comes highly recommended. He has a good understanding of the real estate field and has top notch resources and industry connections.

Before you can build a successful business you must undergo expert training in your chosen field. Without proper training or coaching, you will find it extremely difficult to implement effective strategies and techniques in your business.

José Auriemo Neto is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF – a reputable real estate development firm. José Auriemo Neto has worked on a variety of projects and has powerful leadership skills. Many professionals and entrepreneurs turn to him for expert advice and he is passionate about helping you to grow your business.

It is imperative to find someone who has already achieved success in the business or industry you’re interested in. To acquire real estate knowledge and increase your earning potential, José Auriemo Neto offers real estate training and coaching that address every aspect of starting and building your real estate investing business.

Many people find José Auriemo Neto to be one of the most reliable and reputable real estate consultants in Brazil. His top notch real estate training and advice have helped numerous people get into this lucrative industry and grow their business tremendously.

In order to start benefiting from the training or coaching provided by José Auriemo Neto you need to get in touch with him right away.

What’s The Future of OSI Industries?

If you’re interested in the foodservice industry, then you’ve probably heard about OSI Industries. This company was founded back in the early 1900s, and it has been going strong ever since. OSI Industries has simply dominated other foodservice providers. The benefits definitely outweigh any negatives, but there are no negatives to begin with. The company has been named Otto & Sons at one point in time, and this name came from its owner. Shortly after relocating to the United States, Otto Kolschowski turned his dream into a reality. Fresh beef was the name of the game. As word began to spread, this once small meat locker was receiving business from a variety of retail businesses.

Who has OSI Industries served? Well, this question is fairly simple, but Yum, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway and others are some of its most high-profile clients. When cryogenics food processing came along, most meat lockers couldn’t keep-up with the times. On the other hand, this company seemed to thrive even though cryogenics was creating a firm hold on the industry. This goes to show just how great the actual meats were. OSI Industries is only one of four meat suppliers that works exclusively with McDonald’s. Yes, this speaks volumes to the highest degree. This company thrives off of its capabilities, and it has plenty to capabilities to be proud of.

After purchasing Tyson Foods’ Chicago facility, OSI was able to solidify its grip in the area. This company already has facilities in the Chicagoland area, and this acquisition for $7.4 million will surely bring a great return of investment. Flagship Europe was another huge acquisition, and it produced a wide selection of marinades, dips, sauces and spreads. Then there was the acquisition of BAHO Foods in 2016. This Dutch company produced great tasting snacks, frozen desserts and deli meats. These acquisitions has definitely broadened OSI’s range as well as helped to take it to another level. This is the future of the company, and the future has never looked any better than it does right now.

The Philanthropy Organizations of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a businessman and philanthropist who currently operates several philanthropy organizations and is an active board member of several more. He has degrees from both Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California, receiving a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the former and a master’s degree of business administration from the latter.

He is currently a manager at the property acquisition firm Hagar Pacific Properties, where he oversees finances and accounting.

Born in Israel, Adam Milstein moved to the United States after leaving the Israel Defense Force, in which he served during the Yom Kippur war. He and his wife Gila currently live in Encino California.

Adam Milstein has made a number of contributions to the world through his frequent philanthropy. He co-founded both the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and Sifriyat Pijama B’America with his wife Gila. He also co-founded the Israeli-American Council.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation connects with young Jewish and Israeli-American students and teaches them about their heritage and culture. Sifriyat Pijama B’America reaches out to Jewish families and provides them with monthly books in Hebrew that they otherwise could not afford.

The Israeli-American Council, on which Adam Milstein serves as National Chairman, serves to strengthen Jewish communities in America as well as strengthen relations between America and Israel.

Adam Milstein sits on the boards of several other Jewish and Israel based organizations, including Birthright Israel, Israel on Campus Coalition, and StandWithUs Birthright Israel provides two-week long trips to Israel for young Jewish students. These trips help the students connect with the land and people of Israel, home of their ancestors. Israel on Campus Coalition trains Jewish students on college campuses in the fields of leadership. StandWithUs is an international non-profit that promotes education as a means of spreading peace. watch youtube channel

Dallas’s Premiere Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of the premier plastic surgeons in the state of Texas. As a cosmetic surgeon he mainly operates on parts of the body that can increase the aesthetic of a person. Such areas include various parts of the face and breast. He has devoted his life to his craft and finding ways to better himself as a surgeon in every way possible. His commitment to helping patients achieve their goals is always unwavering. All the hard work he puts in is well worth it when he sees the smile of his patients after a procedure.

He has been praised by many professionals for his willingness to embrace innovative approaches to operations that’ll give his patients the best end result possible. One thing for sure is that when patients leave his office they do so knowing he did everything in his power to meet their plastic surgery needs.

The fact that he sees a lot of patients doesn’t stop him from building a personal relationship with each individual. He realizes each patient is different and the amount of caring he shows is what sets him apart.

With Dr. Sameer’s caring persona it should come as no surprise that he believes in giving back. Every year he travels to Bangladesh to help impoverished children on behalf of Smile, a non-profit organization.

Though he focuses primarily on cosmetic surgery he is trained and practices the full spectrum of plastic surgery. He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. Subsequently, he has been in practice for more than a decade. He is a member of several medical organizations including, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Malcolm CasSelle: The Rise of Cryptocurrency Merchant Welcomed by Gaming Enthusiasts

A revolutionary cryptocurrency merchant OPSkins, of which Malcolm CasSelle is the president, is one of the foremost leaders in the sale of virtual goods, including popular gaming skins and related items. Recently, as an ever increasing number of cryptocurrency buyers and sellers trade virtual assets, CasSelle expects more and more cross-border micro-payments will be made due to the number of all users and the size of the market which OPSkins serves.


Because CasSelle can see how important the implementation of a decentralized protocol is, the developers of OPSkins has launched a new blockchain platform. OPSkins, the largest global platform of its kind, is an exciting and fun marketplace for safely and securely buying and selling digital items.


Premier online platform WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) exemplifies the ultimate P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace which facilitates efficient virtual assets trading. The P2P marketplace is a unique blockchain platform. It decentralizes smart contracts and tokenizes lucrative assets. Moreover, the P2P marketplace affords buyer and sellers a safe and secure environment in which they trade virtual assets.


In essence, the world’s largest marketplace is your destination in which you can buy and sell digital items in a safe, secure, and fast environment. You will be hard-pressed to find a better marketplace than the WAX token.


The gaming industry, fueled by enthusiastic cryptocurrency buyers and sellers, has ensured that blockchain and smart contracts will guarantee the success of WAX.


The e-commerce leader, a seller of e-sports digital merchandise, offers the following benefits:



  • Safe and secured marketplace
  • Access market of virtual goods
  • WAX Tokens availability on OPSkins
  • Comprehensive digital escrow services
  • Many options for multi-currency payment
  • Tokenize virtual assets
  • Buy and sell assets safely and securely


Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CasSelle, who also serves as the chief information officer (CIO), knows that fraud and fragmentation can be problematic. Moreover, he oversees a unique suite of block-chain-enabled proprietary technologies that assists users in buying and selling virtual goods without leaving the game they are playing.


CasSelle, who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), specializes in optimal virtual asset trading. Also, he earned a graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.


Vijay Eswaran of QI Group Is A Successful Business Mentor

In business , we all need role models and mentors to guide us. Role models as well as mentors have one thing in common; they can guide us through the murky roads of challenges that pose as business ideas or competition. All too often, business prospects rely on insightful advice for them to succeed. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

A good business mentor will walk you through the way of new terminologies and guide you to succeed. An excellent role model is often determined to see you succeed. These are the traits of one Vijay Eswaran, a man who has shaken the world in various ways.

Background Data

Vijay Eswaran is a renowned entrepreneur whose works travel beyond business into being an author and a philanthropist. He has often put in a lot of effort in empowering young business prospects. Aside from that, he is a successful individual whose works can be seen from his input in different fields. Vijay hails from Malaysia but he relocated to the United Kingdom for education purposes.

He also traveled to America to advance his studies. What better describes his effort to succeed is how humble his background is.

He comes from a humble family and that is why he put in a lot of work to succeed. Eswaran worked hard in school. He graduated and joined the working class to become the executive head cheerleader of QI Group.

Early Life

Eswaran’s journey was not an easy one as he was once a construction site worker. From there , he paved his way into working for a grape vine firm as a picker.

He even worked as a cab driver. Eswaran presently talks to the young generation regarding work and business as well as how to succeed in both. His confidence is perhaps his major pillar when it comes to conducting business.

The Conclusion

At QI Group, Eswaran has been instrumental in developing talent. He is not only the chairman but also one of the wealthiest in his caliber. In his journey to success, he delved into multilevel marketing. Until now, he has been thriving in success. Eswaran is definitely, a role model to many.

Talk Fusion’s New Release for Making Meetings Better!

Talk Fusion recently released a technology that will make meetings more feasible for the companies that use it. The software, Live Meetings is one of Bob Reina’s most innovative yet. Live Meeting is now believed to be one of the best tools for enhancing meetings, making them feel and look as live as if they were in person. This launch has capitalized on the WebRTC, and the announcement was made online by Bob Reina himself.


What can Live Meetings do for you and your business? The new product enables video conferencing that delivers a quick and easy solution for meetings and presentations. A company that needs new projects to be created will benefit from a tool like Live Meetings. The application for this software will permit up to 15 hosts, and nearly 500 participants to be online. One of the biggest benefits of this application, is the ability for participants to get connected via their tablet, smartphone, or their PC.


What are additional benefits of Live Meetings? Those who need to record a meeting or presentation will no longer need to download anything. All recording requires is a simple click of the mouse, opening up your web browser for recording access. This time saving feature will make it convenient for those who want to catch every aspect of the meeting without distraction.


Bob Reina is proud to yet again, launch a product as versatile as the addition to the WebRTC. Reina’s mission to change lives is no doubt coming to fruition with the unmatched quality of the technology Talk Fusion has been creating for businesses. Reina believes that, “With greater success comes greater responsibility”. This is something that others in his company believes he lives up to. Recently, in a press release published by the VP of Training and Development, it was conveyed that responsibility is a core value of the company and everything they do.


Outside of what Reina does with Talk Fusion, he is a well-rounded philanthropist, givings of his time and money to causes with animals as well as his support for an orphanage in Indonesia. With his effort to give back to nonprofits, Reina has influenced and impacted the business world around him in a positive fashion, putting Talk Fusion in the spotlight for more than just technology. Learn more:

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Champions of Migrant Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of the most well-known human rights activists in the United States. The two were known to accept migrants coming from the south, helping them process their documents to become legal citizens of the United States and they are also actively helping the migrants look for a job and a place to live.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been helping the migrants through their private fund, named the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, and the total amount of cash available inside their fund is $3.75 million.

The migrants who were assisted by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin now have comfortable lives in the United States, and they are also giving out some of their money to help other migrants who have just arrived in the United States.

The origin of the Frontera Fund dates back to 2007, when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by the men of Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff. He accused Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin of posting malicious information online about his case that is being filed by the county attorney.

They were brought inside the court, and Joe Arpaio wanted Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to delete the information they posted, and he also wanted a complete list of all the people who managed to visit the website by tracing down their IP addresses. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin refused to provide the information that the Maricopa County Sheriff wanted, and the request of Joe Arpaio also triggered the outrage of the locals living in Phoenix, as well as the city’s media people.

They said that it is a violation of the constitution because it will affect the privacy of the citizens who managed to view the page. They are also demanding for the release of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

After massive protests around the city, the judge dropped the case filed against the two, stating that there is no strong evidence against them. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin filed a counter protest against the Maricopa County, and they won.

They received $3.75 million for the damages against their name, and they used the money to start a private fund that will help migrants coming from the south. Up until this day, the Frontera Fund is being used to help people who are in need, and the fund keeps of growing because of the extensive number of donors.

The Breakthrough of Scott Rocklage in Health Science

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures. He acquired the position in 2004, a year after he joined the firm as a Venture Partner. He has more than three decades of management experience and leadership in healthcare services. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Rennovia

He played a pivotal role in the development of three drugs, Omniscan, Cubicin, and Teslascan, which were approved by Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Rocklage has also managed to enter several drug candidates into medical trials. Dr. Scott Rocklage has invented and helped invent at least 30 U.S. patents. He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications.

Scott Rocklage has served as President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar as well as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He has also held different Research and Development positions at Catalytica and Salutar.

He was once the Board Chairman of Novira and Relypsa (NASDAQ: RLYP). He was also the Executive Chairman of Semprus (acquired by Teleflex), Miikana (acquired by EntreMed), and Ilypsa (acquired by Amgen). At the moment, he is the Board Chairman of Kinestral, Rennovia, and Cidara (NASDAQ: CDTX). Dr. Rocklage also features in the Boards of Pulmatrix (NASDAQ: PULM) and Epirus (NASDAQ: EPRS).

Dr. Scott Rocklage achieved his B.S. in Chemistry at the University of California, Berkely. At MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), he received his PhD in Chemistry after extensive research in the lab of Richard R. Schrock (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005).

Scott Rocklage spends most of his time researching on new disciplines of life science. He also spends time in board meetings as well as working with 5AM Ventures’ portfolio management team. He likes to help physicians, scientists, and business executives to develop their ideas into remedies for unsolved medical conditions. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

As an entrepreneur, Scott Rocklage is very keen on making priorities, time management, and scheduling. He focuses on team selection at the formation of a new company to ensure that he hires the right people.

One thing that excites Dr. Rocklage is the ability to target particular genotypes or mutations to treat cancer. This advancement in medical technology enables him to save lives, and future improvements will only promote the quality of life.

Daniel Taub Visits Bradford After George Gallows Declared The City An “Israel Free Zone”

When a member of parliament declares his constituency as an “Israel free zone,” you do not expect an Israeli ambassador to visit the area. This was not the case when Bradford West MP George Galloway declared that his constituency was an “Israel free zone.” Israeli’s ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub, visited the constituency on his tour of the Bradford City.

Taub visited the area following invitations from the communities living in the city. The ambassador used his tour to hold several talks with councilors, faith leaders, and other prominent members of the Bradford community. The invitations were sent to him in response to Galloway’s comments on the city.

The MP declared that the area did not have academicians, tourists, goods or services from Israel. Daniel Taub has since dismissed the MP’s claims. He noted that the city was completely different from how the MP promoted it.

Commenting on his short visit, he emphasized that George Galloway’s voice of exclusion in not the voice of the city. Bradford’s real voice is one of inclusion.

He notes that Bradford serves as a good model in the society. Co-operation between people from different faiths and background was key to building a strong and prosperous city. He hopes that other regions will adopt Bradford’s model. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Following Galloway’s claims on the city’s stand, the British police have launched investigations against him. His comments caused an outcry on social media. Many people consider it as irresponsible and divisive.

Daniel Taub advised Galloway to look at the real conflict in the Middle East. He clarified that the conflicts experienced in the region are no longer between Sunni and Shia nor left and right. The ambassador noted that the conflict is about the past and the future.

He urged the Member of Parliament to avoid being the person who is working hard to pull the society back to the past. He wants him to join other progressive leaders who are fighting for the region’s better future.

Galloway is known for his anti-Israel comments. He once stormed out of a debate because his opponent was an Israeli. In the recent past, he accused Israel of engineering Ukraine’s unrest and providing Al-Qaeda with chemical weapons. Taub denied making these claims. Read more on the story at

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat, writer, and international lawyer. Since 2011, he has served as Israel’s ambassador to Britain. Daniel succeeded Mark Regev. Taub was born and raised in Britain where he pursued his education.

Daniel is an alumnus of renowned colleges, including Harvard University, University College in Oxford, and University College in London. The diplomat has also served in the Israel Defense Forces as a reserve officer.

Before joining the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991, Taub was President Chaim Herzog’s speechwriter. He is married to Zehava. The couple has six children.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub