Tony Petrello And Skillful Leadership

There are many companies that operate in cities that experience significant catastrophes. These companies don’t always do their part to help out, however. Genuinely helping out on this planet is actually a rare thing. Businesses that legitimate want to do positive things for the people near them can sometimes seem few and far between, sadly enough. There are, though, some companies that thankfully have the ability to restore peoples’ confidence levels in humanity. People who want rock-solid examples of this type of company can always pay attention to Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries Ltd is a business that’s all about geothermal drilling, natural gas and oil. It was established back in 1968. It has offices both in Houston, Texas and in Hamilton, Bermuda right now.

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2017 wasn’t exactly the best year for Houston. It wasn’t exactly the best year for the state of Texas in general. People who live in Houston and in nearby towns and cities experienced seriously negative consequences after Hurricane Harvey reared its ugly head. They had to deal with extensive flooding, home destruction, supply shortages and more. Needless to say, things haven’t been a walk in the park for Houston locals in recent times. According to, Nabors Industries, though, is a company that has a solid presence in the metropolis. That’s the reason the Nabors Industries team made the decision to be selfless and lend a helping hand. The team members who work for this massive company did just that, too. They didn’t go to work for a while. That’s because they used that valuable time to assist the people who were in the middle of such difficult and taxing circumstances.

Tony G. Petrello is also called “Anthony.” He’s the highly respected leader of Nabors Industries Ltd. He’s its thoughtful Chief Executive Officer. Other leadership roles he has are those of President and even Chairman of the Board. This professional had a strong career before being part of the Nabors Industries Ltd. team, too. He had a job with Baker & McKenzie, a legal practice. The main areas of expertise at the firm were straightforward corporate law, taxation and global arbitration. Petrello naturally knows a lot about all of these topics. He was a managing partner for Baker & McKenzie. He worked out of the company’s office located in New York. He remained a strong presence there until he made the decision to exit the position back in 1991.


Troy McQuagge, Setting the Business Standard

The One Planet Best in Business Awards honors only the upper echelon of business CEO’s around the globe for displaying outstanding business management skills throughout a given year. All adaptions and sizes of businesses are acceptable for this award, bringing a plethora of worthy candidates to the table. The 2016 gold winner was Troy McQuagge, the proud CEO of USHEALTH Group, inc.

USHEALTH Group has experienced rapid growth since Troy McQuagges arrival in the company. Troy admirably ascended through the ranks of company, starting in 2010 when he was tasked with reforming the captive distribution agency. Troys actions with the agency sparked rapid success for the company resulting in his eventual promotion to CEO and President of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

As president Troy showed expert business skills, unrivaled by any other in the industry. USHEALTH Group preceded many past sales records while Troy was commanding the company. USHEALTH Group recorded record high profits for four years consecutively and has experienced an exponential share price increase during Troys reign. Statistics undeniably placed Troy among the top candidates for this award. His business savvy is well documented and on full display as USHEALTH Group continues to grow into the future. Follow:

Upon accepting The One Planet Best in Business Award, Troy showed immense humbleness emphasizing, “In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc.” (prweb). This statement displays some of the necessary attributes Troy utilized to propel himself to win this award and effectively develop his business. It is clear Troy does not solely accept credit for the success of USHEALTH, he understands the variety of different cogs needed to operate the well-oiled machine that is USHEALTH Group. Giving credit to those who helped Troy reach this accolade is the mark of a distinguished leader who rightfully deserves to be celebrated.

The One Planet Best in Business Award recognizes CEO’s who are outstanding in the business world. Troy McQuagge has shown his business competence with the immense growth of his company, USHEALTH Group, Inc. Although other candidates may be able to stake a shaky claim to be named the gold standard in modern business, no others have the definitive analytical credentials to support such a cause. Troy continues to transcend expectations as USHEALTH continues to soar, proving he is justifiably the gold winner.



New Greenhouse Technology Emerging in Reno, Nevada, Thanks to Josh Smith

Joshua Smith from Reno, Nevada, is the founder of Modular Greenhouses and he brings to the forefront of science a new modular design and smart interface to greenhouses. His company’s product, in conjunction with pink glass could potentially generate enough a large reduction in energy costs associated with greenhouses. Scientists from the University of California at Santa Cruz published their work in the American Geophysical Union’s journal Earth’s Future. The pink panels are Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems, which are made with a magenta luminescent dye. Plants are naturally sensitive to sunlight. Pink glass merely enhances this effect.

Recently, scientists discovered that using pink panels do not hinder growth; instead they make plants grow under better growing conditions. The panels have been tested on 20 different plant species, including tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, limes, peppers, strawberries, and basil. Some thought the plants would grow more slowly with darker colored panels. The color is likened to being on Mars because plants are also sensitive to color. Joshua Smith is at the forefront of this progress which marks an incredible discovery, which is useful to the greenhouse industry, which has grown six times its size in the last 20 years. More than 9 million acres are used to grow food in greenhouses.

Greenhouses use a lot of energy to grow plants. Joshua Smith is trying to make this technology more accessible. Cornel University stats that the four acres they use to grow food uses at least 18 million kWh for heating and lighting every year. There is still work to be done on greenhouse sustainability. It is the goal of Josh Smith to gain significant market share by 2020. Greenhouses require temperature regulation, lighting, fans and water monitoring systems, which consume high quantities of electricity. Greenhouses often use solar panels to power the electricity in the greenhouse itself. With glass being painted pink, it saves power because it traps heat inside the greenhouse. Plants don’t use all visible light for photosynthesis. A barrier to establishing a greenhouse is often the cost of installing one with materials, along with the cost to use air conditioner inside the greenhouse.

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Why Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Chose to Go Digital First

When Doe Deere founded beauty line Lime Crime it was because of a niche gap in the cosmetic market she thought she was one of just a handful that saw. If you haven’t ever seen Doe Deere, she is as bright as she is eccentric in her style. She rocks the brightest and boldest of lip colors, hair colors and overall style that gives her the look of a doll you can change looks out on, rather than an extremely successful female entrepreneur.


Doe Deere has always been this way. She says from a young age her life was all about color and brightness. She would act as if every day was dress up day. As she grew older and became more adept with styling and makeup, her look and face became a canvas to express herself. Yet, she struggled to find true quality makeup that delivered the look she wanted and did not look like cheap Halloween paint. Always being an innovator and an entrepreneur (she started her first company in Russia at age 13 selling tattoo stickers), she decided that if she couldn’t find what she wanted, she would just found a company herself.


Lime Crime has made many “firsts” of startups beauty brands. For starts, they innovated with their colors and styles being way outside of the mainstream, which at the time was a beauty look that attempted to make women look at bare of makeup as possible with hushed tones. That wasn’t acceptable for Doe Deere, and she brought the world of makeup to a brighter glow with her lines of beauty products. Learn more:


Digital Comes First for Doe Deere

Lime Crime was also the first beauty company to show how their bold lipsticks would look on an actual lip. By viewing any color on their website, fans were treated to a real life image of how the shade would look on their lips, rather than simply a swatch of lipstick run over a white background. This simple measure helped sales soar and to encourage women everywhere to try that shade they always thought might be a little “too much,” but they had wanted to try for ages. This concept is still in play today. Lime Crime’s website showcases its Velvetine matte lipstick collection, among others, on a real lifelike lip.


Doe Deere was also one of the first beauty entrepreneurs to put her foot down and say that digital is the future, social media is the future, so those two channels will come first. She reached fans through social media platforms and cross channel digital marketing campaigns to find beauty bloggers and your everyday woman who went on to become loyal advocates for Lime Crime, bringing its styles to their followers and beyond. To this day Lime Crime has a dedicated section of its website that shows real fans sporting their everyday Lime Crime looks. This section is called “How You Wear It,” and it is just one of the many ways that Doe Deere helps her fans feel connected to Lime Crime. They feel intertwined with the brand, rather than just the purchasers of one more shade of lipstick.


A Short Biography of Toronto Doctor Cameron Clokie

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a serial entrepreneur, maxillofacial and oral surgeon and a scientist. He also serves as the CEO in a regenerative company called Induce Biologics Inc. for about three decades, Dr. Clokie has been involved in clinical practices and academic dentistry and recently, he became the head of maxillofacial and oral surgery at the University of Toronto. Over the years, he has been involved in several companies where he held different positions on the scientific advisory boards.

Through his numerous researchers at the University of Toronto, he has successfully treated at least eight men and women of all ages using his regeneration procedure, and the results were amazing.

Dr. Clokie, as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he believes that it is possible to regenerate the human organs. Therefore, giving life to a person or re-energizing a people from the old aging life to a youthful style is achievable.

As a scientist, Dr. Cameron is planning on using his skills to improve the number of protein production in the goat milk. The plan is to insert the human gene into the goat embryos, which in return will lead to the generation of BMP. It is almost the same skill and technology that was used by a Montreal biotech firm.

However, Dr. Clokie throughout his success in career, he has published numerous papers as well as done several presentations locally, nationally and internationally respectively.

He has built his stories based on the bone regenerative and reconstruction medicine.

This practice has however been practiced across the globe, and there are accurate results that tell the procedure is working hard to be successful. Dr. Cameron has however developed a strategic alliance successfully with business to transfer his ingenuity and considerable knowledge into commercial enterprises. Read more: Cameron Clokie DDS, Ph.D.: Executive Profile & Biography

Regenerative medicine is a therapy that combines both medicine and science to assist the body replace, regenerate and repair damaged organs and tissues.

The medicine focuses on several areas including tissue engineering, biomaterials engineering, cell therapy and transplantation science. It also focuses on people by achieving the required goals or restoring and improving body functions and quality of life.

The Business Magnate Bob Reina

Thanks to the efforts of the chief executive officer, technology expert and philanthropist Bob Reina, many lives have improved throughout the world.

Since the multi-level marketing company Talk Fusion opened its doors, it has been improving communities and helping people achieve their dreams. For Talk Fusion, responsibility and success go hand in hand. While most companies out there focus on profits, Talk Fusion focuses on improving lives.

The founder of Talk Fusion, for example, is known for his life-saving involvement in the lives of many homeless animals. He is especially fond of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, which is why he has donated over $1 million towards this important organization. Indonesian orphanages have also been benefiting from the help of Reina.

Reina’s involvement with nonprofit organizations, charities and human rights activists also inspired him to increase his donations. This is why since 2016, Talk Fusion has been providing free video marketing products to charities from around the world for free.

The packages, which include things like video email, video newsletters and sign-up forms, are currently being provided by the company’s representatives. According to the CEO of the company, charities could spread their message more effectively through Talk Fusion’s services and products.

For years, Reina has been volunteering his time and energy in order to help and motivate others. Since he has been over 20 years involved in the multi-level marketing industry, he knows what people need in order to succeed in direct sells.

This is why Reina has orchestrated countless travel incentives and designed different rewards programs. Many Talk Fusion representatives have, for instance, received diamond rings, handsome bonuses and highly prestigious promotions.

According to PR News Wire, Bob Reina was involved for many years in the multi-level marketing industry part-time before founding Talk Fusion, which explains his experience. Thanks to the vision and determination of Reina, people these days can communicate through email in more effective, genuine and engaging ways.

Video email has revolutionized the way people communicate through the internet. Talk Fusion’s products are also suitable for non-business purposes. More information about Reina can be found on his personal website.