USHealth Group: Services and Salary perks

USHealth Advisors, a branch of the USHealth Group, deals with the marketing of the group’s health insurance products and services. They are a group of trained and licensed personnel who advise and guide customers on health coverage policies and benefits offered by the company as a whole. The group is a family of companies that provide health insurance coverage for various groups of people ranging from individuals to families and even to small businesses.

Founded in the year 2010, USHealth Advisors has propelled the growth and performance of the USHealth Group resulting in its recognition as one of the best companies in customer care and satisfaction. The insurance agency is located in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, at 300 Burnett Street, a place which is easily accessible to staff and clients, and to potential customers. Read more about USHealth Group at

Insurance Plans at USHealth Advisors.

Life, Vision, Dental and Health Insurance are all part and parcel of the insurance package at USHealth Advisors. With top-notch guidance from the agents, customers can choose a health plan coverage that suits their specific needs with additional supplementary services including Accident, Disability Income, Critical Illness, and Income Protector plans. Two subsidiary companies underwrite the products and services of the group, the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The USHealth Group owns both.

USHealth Advisors’ Salaries.

Salaries of USHealth Advisors employees vary depending on job category and rank, which range from the top position of the business owner to a sales agents. On an annual basis, the highest salary is that of the business owner who pockets about $200,000, while the lowest reported is that of a licensed agent who earns about $70,715. Under the department of sales, the account manager and outside sales representatives top the list with $100,00 per year, closely followed by $98,256 for the sales executive and $94,046 for a sales representative. An insurance agent takes home around $97,366 per year, while a marketing representative earns $75,000 per year. All this is according to the few who reported their salaries in the United States. Incentives and bonuses get awarded to those who qualify for their work.

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Talk Fusion’s New Release for Making Meetings Better!

Talk Fusion recently released a technology that will make meetings more feasible for the companies that use it. The software, Live Meetings is one of Bob Reina’s most innovative yet. Live Meeting is now believed to be one of the best tools for enhancing meetings, making them feel and look as live as if they were in person. This launch has capitalized on the WebRTC, and the announcement was made online by Bob Reina himself.


What can Live Meetings do for you and your business? The new product enables video conferencing that delivers a quick and easy solution for meetings and presentations. A company that needs new projects to be created will benefit from a tool like Live Meetings. The application for this software will permit up to 15 hosts, and nearly 500 participants to be online. One of the biggest benefits of this application, is the ability for participants to get connected via their tablet, smartphone, or their PC.


What are additional benefits of Live Meetings? Those who need to record a meeting or presentation will no longer need to download anything. All recording requires is a simple click of the mouse, opening up your web browser for recording access. This time saving feature will make it convenient for those who want to catch every aspect of the meeting without distraction.


Bob Reina is proud to yet again, launch a product as versatile as the addition to the WebRTC. Reina’s mission to change lives is no doubt coming to fruition with the unmatched quality of the technology Talk Fusion has been creating for businesses. Reina believes that, “With greater success comes greater responsibility”. This is something that others in his company believes he lives up to. Recently, in a press release published by the VP of Training and Development, it was conveyed that responsibility is a core value of the company and everything they do.


Outside of what Reina does with Talk Fusion, he is a well-rounded philanthropist, givings of his time and money to causes with animals as well as his support for an orphanage in Indonesia. With his effort to give back to nonprofits, Reina has influenced and impacted the business world around him in a positive fashion, putting Talk Fusion in the spotlight for more than just technology. Learn more: