Aloha Construction opens Aloha Builds and Expands Into Southern Illinois

Family owned and operated Aloha Construction Inc has been servicing southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois since 2008. In 2015 Aloha construction expanded their reach in Illinois and opened a second office in Bloomington. This second office now allows Aloha to provide service to all of Illinois as well as southern Wisconsin. As of May 2017 Aloha construction opened a subsidiary of their business, Aloha Builds. Aloha Builds will be located near their Lake Zurich Illinois Corporate Headquarters.


Since opening, Aloha Construction has always offered basic rennovations to their existing customers. They were not ready to branch off into their own remodel business until recently. Since opening in 2008 Aloha construction has done hundreds of remodels for kitchens and bathrooms as well as natural disaster aide, clean up, water extraction and basement remodels. David Farbaky is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Aloha and he stated that once Aloha Construction opened their second office in Central Illinois they were then ready to provide a dedicated remodel team to help homeowners with projects inside their homes. This Aloha Builds team works independently of the Aloha Construction Roofing, Windows and siding teams.


Since 2008 Aloha construction has been providing roofing, windows, screen replacements, fascia, soffits and siding for those homeowners who are impacted by storm damage. By 2013 Aloha had completed over seven thousand jobs in their northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin zone. After the Bloomington office opened Aloha reported twenty thousand completed jobs. Aloha also offers financing on their roofing jobs for home owners who need work done immediately.

The Family that is Aloha Constuction

Family owned businesses have always been a valuable aspect of the nation’s economy, especially to the specific region they are located. When a family owned business becomes more successful, it improves the local community. With a better economy comes more successful local businesses, and the cycle continues onward from there.


Enter the success of Aloha Construction, a family-owned construction company based in the state of Illinois. Aloha Construction has experienced a large amount of improvement in business over the last few years, allowing them to open their business to the people of Southern Wisconsin who need roofing or siding work done. In fact, they are hoping to start offering services in interior restoration as well to a larger customer base, due to their growth.


With an aim towards making people feel more secure in their own homes, Aloha Construction has completed over 20,000 projects. Now, they wish to make this process even more accessible for everyone with updates to their website, as well as an addition to their building network, with a focus on interior restoration for families not priorly involved with the company. Before, this was only available to people the company was already working for with roofing and siding projects. However, Aloha Construction believes that with their new success they will be able to open that service to all.


More about Aloha Construction:

Aloha Construction is family owned with locations all across Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company consists of General Contractors aimed to assist any, and all, households who need to reinforce their homes against the storms that mother nature may raise against the Midwest. With experience of over 20,000 projects, they have the knowledge to protect your family and your home.