Eric Pulier, a 21st century tech wizard

I first heard about Eric Pulier during the second inauguration of President Bill Clinton, then running with vice president Al Gore. Mr.Pulier was chosen to build the “Bridge to the 21st century”, an expo that showed the effect that technology will have on how we work, relax, raise families and much more. Mr.Pulier was giving us a looking glass into the 21st century.

He was featured on dozens of different news stations in America and inspired a lot of people with the culminating event, in which he piped in a live feed from the Space Shuttle thousands of miles away, and allowed people at the event to interact with the astronauts in real time. This was the first interactive live feed in the space shuttle and it left quite an impression on Al Gore and his staff.

Eric then went on to take part in Al Gores health care and technology forum, where he was asked to advise on health care and technology initiatives.

So it was only natural that when Al gores senior domestic policy advisor became the chairman of the Center for Telecommunications Management at USC, he asked Mr.Pulier to not only join the board but to help staff it.

Eric Pulier is a tech entrepreneur, a Harvard alumni, a published author and so much more. He’s responsible for the X prize, which gave so many disadvantaged people the ability to shoot for their dreams. The philanthropic work he’s been a part of has given meaning to the lives of thousands of sick and disabled children. Yet you would never guess it from his youthful easygoing face. Behind Erics unassuming smile lies a reservoir of genius whose depth has only begun to be plumbed. One can never guess what Eric has planned next, be it in tech, philanthropy, or on the International Space shuttle. But rest assured, wherever he sets his sight Eric is sure to hit his mark.