Anything But Chump Change: Dick DeVos’ Philanthropic Ventures

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have garnered a great deal of attention through their careers for their sizable political campaign donations, however, these contributions pale wholly in comparison to the dynamic duos philanthropic donations. Over their collective lifetimes, Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have contributed around 139 million dollars to various charity foundations – no small sum to be sure!


In 2015 alone, Mr. DeVos contributed 11.6 million dollars to various different charity foundations, this according to the DeVos’ own personal website, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is over twice the amount that both DeVos’ contributed to political campaigns over the course of the past five years in total (this information is verifiable through financial release statements which were a part of Betsy DeVos’ vetting process during her appointment to the position of Secretary of Education). With that being said, it is clear that Mr. and Mrs. DeVos’ primary concern lays with philanthropy rather with play politics.


For those who are not familiar with the pair, Dick DeVos is an American businessman who is perhaps most widely known as the CEO of the health and beauty marketing company Amway. He is also one of the richest men in the entire United States of America with Forbes ranking him as the 67th richest individual in the nation. Betsy DeVos rose to prominence due to her vehement activism surrounding school choice and voucher programs and is currently best known as the United States Secretary of Education under the Trump Administration.


George Street Photo and Video: The Finest in Film

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations are experts in their trade, combining various photography and videography skills to ensure that customers have their wedding day captured perfectly. With various locations across the United States, from Philadelphia to Chicago, George Street Photo and Video is sure to appeal to anyone with the desire of having one of the most important events of their life captured forever. Philadelphia is an ideal location to have a wedding venue established, due to its rich, historic relevancy, with various, beautiful parks and locations that include Fairmount Park to the Liberty Bell. Chicago, another major U.S. city, is another location where George Street Photo and Video operates, and this city is unique in that it has distinct architecture lining its streets, along with various art institute’s and the Willis Tower. All in all, George Street Photo and Video is able to ensure your wedding is forever memorable.


Wen By Chaz Is What People Are Looking For

WEN is the product that people have been wanting and waiting for as it gives them exactly what they want and more. It works as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. This is all in one bottle and it was created by Chaz Dean,, someone that is greatly respected in the hair care community. He has earned that respect because of his reputation. This is something that he has made a living at and he is always on the lookout for new trends in the market. He knows that is the best way to keep the customers satisfied and keep them feeling as though they are getting the most out of their hair care treatment.

In case there was any doubt, all they have to do is read this review from Emily McClure of She gives an extensive and detailed review of the product Wen by Chaz over a seven day period. She also included photos and posted YouTube videos with each and every day of her using the product. She was incredibly honest and real in her review, which shows in her writing. She talked about what she was looking for and what she needed. She wanted more bounce and shine in her hair.

Little did she know, as pointed out here,, people were going to notice how much confidence she had and what a change it would have in how she viewed herself. It gave her happiness, joy, and confidence. When a product is able to do that, it is really going above and beyond what is expected. That is what Wen by Chaz has done for Emily McClure, and it has also done that for many other people as well. There are rave reviews from people in the online community that have used it based on Emily McClure’s review and they have walked away more than satisfied.

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CTRMA Additions Of Rail Lines In Central Texas

There is a major push to add rail lines in the central Texas region, and there are quite a few people who will benefit when the addition is made. This article explains how the CTRMA and leader Mike Heiligenstein are improving rail options for the state. Adding rail lines to Texas will help improve fast transportation for the state, and it will bring people closer together.


#1: Light Rail For Small Towns


The light rail lines that have been proposed by the CTRMA are quite helpful as they will go to small communities in Texas that need an easier way to move about. Small communities are often isolated unless someone drives there, and the people who do not have cars have no way to get there. There are many who will benefit from light rail, and it must be used to connect communities that are too far from traditional stations.


#2: Connecting To National Lines


The national rail lines that are moving around the country go through many small towns, but they do not reach every small town. The towns that are left out do not tend to grow, and they are left out of the larger conversation about transit in the state. Someone who is riding a light rail line may connect to the national rail lines, and they may go to any location in the country. National travel becomes much easier with a light rail line.


#3: When Will Things Change?


Mike Heiligenstein is soliciting information from the public about new rail lines, and he is searching for ways to ease the concerns of the public. He is hearing the public forums that were started as part of a plan to add rail lines to the state, and he is answering questions where he can. The forums will continue until a consensus has been met, and the state will proceed with projects that grow light rail across central Texas


The CTRMA is using much of the information it gathers from public information sessions to create a much better rail plan for Texas. The state has been growing rapidly over the past few decades, and those who are in the open ranges of central Texas need better ways to get around. They may travel on rail lines that have been planned by the state, and they may take buses and other forms of transportation that may be implemented in the near future.


For updates, follow Mike Heiligenstein on Twitter.


Preventative Care

There are many things out in the world that most people don’t know about. For example, one of those things may be a disease or a problem within your body. Some things may have noticeable symptoms, but sometimes the symptoms may be not noticeable. That’s where Lifeline Screening comes in.

They are a preventative care company that does multiple tests to make sure your body is healthy or if something is bad they can take the needed procedures to make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

Lifeline Screening uses three main tests. First, they have a ultrasound test. The ultrasound test uses sound waves to see all the structures in the body. The test is painless and doesn’t require anything besides the person to stand still for a few seconds. Some of the risks the ultrasound detects is Abdominal aortic aneurysm, Carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, and osteoporosis.

Second, they have a finger stick test. They will stick a small part on your finger and collect a few drops of blood. The results are really quick too. They come back in ten minutes. This test identifies risks like heart disease and diabetes. They also offer some other blood screenings. They offer complete lipid panel screening, glucose, High-sensitivity C-reactive protein, and elevated liver enzymes.

Third, They offer a limited electrocardiograph. The test tells you if you have an irregular heartbeat. Having an irregular heartbeat can lead to many difficulties, such as higher risk of a stroke. The test doesn’t require you to remove your clothes, non-invasive, and done quick.

In conclusion, Lifeline Screening wants to help people live an ordinary life without fear about an unknown disease. Their screening puts your mind at ease knowing that you don’t have any unknown diseases or problems.

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Jeremy Goldstein Offers Assistance to Corporates in Transition

If you are looking for lawyer in New York to handle child custody issues, help with the landlord-tenant problem or any other legal issue, there is now a convenient way to find an attorney who has experience with your legal issue. The New York State Bar Association currently provides a longer referral and information service online site for individuals seeking a lawyer. It is available 24 hours a day. The lawyer referral and information service telephone line is still available for daytime calls.


An attorney in good standing with the New York Bar Association who is experienced in the area of law that you need help with will be referred. This service allows individuals to be confidently and confidentially matched with attorneys who can help them. The online technology was developed in partnership with If you speak to an attorney referred by the service there is a $35 fee for the first 30-minute consultation. Users of the site are under no obligation to hire the attorney’s recommended.


Jeremy Goldstein, from Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, specializes in compensation committee, CEO’s and corporations in executive compensation and corporate governance matters. Before starting his own firm Goldstein was a partner at the law firm of Walchtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. He was involved in many corporate transactions over the past 10 years involving mergers and acquisitions. He was involved in the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies, and in the combination of Merck and Schering-Plough just to name two. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in many other large name mergers and acquisitions as well as combinations.


Jeremy Goldstein is on the professional advisory board of the New York University Journal of law. He is also on the board of the Make-A-Wish foundation of Metro New York. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University, and his Masters from the University of Chicago. He received his law degree from New York University.


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How Mike Baur Does it All

If you need someone with an expert team that can deliver business based results to you or your organization and help bolster your commercial activities, have a talk with Mike Baur. He, most assuredly, has an expert team of executive leaders with and glowing associates to serve any and all individual or collective needs pertaining to economic growth. That is because he is the a founding partner of the Swiss Startup Factory, and getting things done with expertise business wise is ultimately what they do. Each member of this team is a unique component of a system that performs incomparably.


The services that Mike Baur and his people can produce for you really does depend on your professional needs. The skill and execution they show in their “360o Services” for each client is tailored. One size fits all does not apply to anything they do. Whether they are working on Pre-accelerator, Growth, and Wenger &Vielli Accelerator project, Impressum or a Digital Business Strategy, the Swiss Startup Factory never fails the client’s expectations.


It all starts at the top within this group of professionals. And when the Co-founder and Executive Chairman successfully performs his fundraising and financing duties, as Mike Baur always does, everything runs smoothly. That allows Max Miester, Co-Founder and Head of Acceleration, to stay and top of the acceleration projects as well as other activities and “going-ons”. And, with good acceleration projects going well, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Oliver Walzer can think focus on any number of solutions for the company.


With these captains steering the ship on a steady course, their loyal and steady fast crew, which includes a Head of Training, Project Manager and Analysts, knows what to do. It just a simple task of shaking the business world from the ground up in a completely globalized, highly competitive and performance driven service-based economic market. As a team with consensus and like minded goals for excellence, they do that type of thing every time they are on assignment for a client. It all about refining and defining the skill sets and concepts used in the international worldwide business arena used today and beyond in the future.

Tammy Mazzocco Proves Hard Work and Focus Works Well

Tammy Mazzocco is a residential real estate agent in Central Ohio. She serves the city of Pickerington, and the four counties surrounding the city, Licking, Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware.

She began her real estate career as an administrative assistant for various real estate firms in the area for about ten years and then decided to try her hand at the sales end of the business. She saw the income potential there and decided to make that her lifelong pursuit. Tammy joined friend and mentor, Judy Gang who managed the Judy Gang Team at RE/MAX in Pickerington and the decision has been a good one as they both have gained from the relationship.

Tammy likes to work, and she is the happiest when she is showing houses to prospective buyers. However, people don’t just come knocking on her door. There are some things that she has to do to cause that to happen.

She starts her workdays early and starts in on the busy work of handling paperwork and emails. Once that is finished she gets on the telephone to schedule appointments with prospective buyers to show them houses.

One of the activities that spur Tammy on is setting goals, and then breaking them down into smaller action steps as they are much more easily accomplished that way. So it is with setting appointments. Tammy knows that it take so many phone calls to get someone to go out and look at houses, so she focuses on the activity of calling, and that gets her to a result that causes sales to happen.

When asked how she views herself, Tammy is proud of what she has accomplished over the years and feels blessed to have been able to help so many people find good homes in the area. She does not take herself too seriously and doesn’t worry about failure and has no fear of it. Tammy says that in sales you are going to fail at something every day, but you just go through it until you succeed.

The one thing that Tammy focuses on is to treat her clients’ the same way that she would want to be treated. That is very important, especially when it comes to the people’s time and investment. When people realize you truly have their best interest at heart, they are glad that you are that way, because too many sales and service people are not. The client is more likely to do business with you if they like you and feel you are helping them.

Check out her tumblr and Facebook account.

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BChaz Dean Delivers Again!

It has come to a point now where people expect great things from Chaz Dean. He has built up quite a reputation on crunchbase, but here is the amazing thing about the man: he delivers each and every time. One of the ways he does that is by preparation. When it comes to his products, he always makes sure to do his due diligence. He is not interested in rushing through it and trying to hurry it up. As with any business, the end goal is to make money and make a profit, but Chaz Dean knows if he puts in the time, the work, and has the right people around him, that will all come together.

The key to staying ahead for Chaz Dean is being in the market and being in the know. He never takes what he does for granted and he never takes that responsibility for granted. He wants to innovate, grow, and excite people with his QVC line of hair care products. He has clearly done that with WEN Hair by Chaz, which is a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment all in one for an amazing price. You can’t go wrong when a product does all of that. That is money well spent.

The key to getting the word out there besides Chaz Dean’s name, which carries a lot of weight, is reviews. In today’s day and age, no one buys anything without doing their homework and really researching what a product is about and if it is really worth their time and money. That is why they have come to rely on people like Emily McClure of, especially with tremendous well-written and well-researched reviews like this one right here: She used the Fig version on her fine hair and it gave her bounce and shine, which is exactly what she wanted.

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The Future of the Medical Field

A lot of people today are excited about the changes that are being made in the medical field. Not only is this a place that you can impact the lives of others, but you can also start to look for ways to innovate financially.

There are many people who struggle to pay their medical bills for a variety of reasons. This is an opportunity for you to figure out how to drive value in the medical field by changing the way things are done.

Many people in the world of politics know that the medical system in the United States is broken. However, how to fix it is another type of issue entirely. Over time, this is a great way for you to understand how to add value to the lives of others. According to, this is something that Sam Tabar has been concentrating on for many years.

Career in Health

Sam Tabar has had a great career in the world of health and medicine. Over the years, he has invested in areas that he knows are important for adding value to others. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he can help teach you about the overall industry as well.

Bloomberg reveals that if you want to learn how to change the world, you need to work with people who are already doing so. One of the biggest goals that Sam Tabar is working on is trying to change healthcare for the better. He wants to make sure that it is affordable for people to go to the doctor and get the care that they need over time.

Future Plans

In the coming years, he is going to continue to help others in the medical field. Not only that, but the strongly wants to change the industry for the better in the years ahead. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is making in the years ahead with his life and his career. Now is the time to make a difference in this field.

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