The Business Magnate Bob Reina

Thanks to the efforts of the chief executive officer, technology expert and philanthropist Bob Reina, many lives have improved throughout the world.

Since the multi-level marketing company Talk Fusion opened its doors, it has been improving communities and helping people achieve their dreams. For Talk Fusion, responsibility and success go hand in hand. While most companies out there focus on profits, Talk Fusion focuses on improving lives.

The founder of Talk Fusion, for example, is known for his life-saving involvement in the lives of many homeless animals. He is especially fond of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, which is why he has donated over $1 million towards this important organization. Indonesian orphanages have also been benefiting from the help of Reina.

Reina’s involvement with nonprofit organizations, charities and human rights activists also inspired him to increase his donations. This is why since 2016, Talk Fusion has been providing free video marketing products to charities from around the world for free.

The packages, which include things like video email, video newsletters and sign-up forms, are currently being provided by the company’s representatives. According to the CEO of the company, charities could spread their message more effectively through Talk Fusion’s services and products.

For years, Reina has been volunteering his time and energy in order to help and motivate others. Since he has been over 20 years involved in the multi-level marketing industry, he knows what people need in order to succeed in direct sells.

This is why Reina has orchestrated countless travel incentives and designed different rewards programs. Many Talk Fusion representatives have, for instance, received diamond rings, handsome bonuses and highly prestigious promotions.

According to PR News Wire, Bob Reina was involved for many years in the multi-level marketing industry part-time before founding Talk Fusion, which explains his experience. Thanks to the vision and determination of Reina, people these days can communicate through email in more effective, genuine and engaging ways.

Video email has revolutionized the way people communicate through the internet. Talk Fusion’s products are also suitable for non-business purposes. More information about Reina can be found on his personal website.

Why Are UK Vintners An Important Part Of The Industry?

The UK vintner industry is one that has flown under the radar for some time. There are many lauded wines coming from France and Italy. These wines are given high marks because the tradition for making wine in these countries is so strong, and the countries that are not as well known as forgotten. The UK wine industry has been forgotten many times, and this article explains why they should not be.

#1: Why Are The Grapes Special?

The grapes that are produced in England have a special flavor that cannot be replicated anywhere else. They are grown in soil that is nothing like France of Italy, and they are grown in a style that is not like the aforementioned countries.

#2: Where Are The Wineries?

There are many gorgeous lakes and hotels in the area that make a lovely home for vacationers. There are many who will come to the tours of the wineries in the area, and they will taste wines that are special. They will not recognize the flavor as it is not like anything else, and they will take home a bottle of the wine because it is so much different from anything else they have tasted.

The flavor of wines in the region will help anyone who loves wine identify them. The wines are quite a lot of fun to taste, and their locations are that much more fun to visit.

#3: The Industry Is Selling Online

There are quite a few vintners who are selling online in the market of today because they see how large the market is for their products. They are hoping to capture the customer who is intrigued by their wine, and they know their wines will catch the attention of those who wish to try something new. Customers will buy online, and the wines are shipped internationally if necessary.

The wine industry in the UK is so strong that it provides tens of thousands of bottles every year to those who love wine the most. They are giving back to the people of the world who love good wine, and they are committed to a time-honored art that has been practiced in England for some time.

Dick DeVos Distinguishes His Name

Dick DeVos is an individual who is distinguished for not only his many talents and his many initiatives, but is also distinguished for his attributed to being an excellent and well respected businessman who not only cares for others, but also listens and treats both clients and employees like partners of his company. Dick DeVos has earned much respect over the years and is often sought after in order to help individuals find guidance within the competitive world of business. Dick DeVos is a leader and has been able to inspire individuals across the United States to follow his path to success.


Though Dick DeVos’ name is a known name due to his family name, Dick DeVos has been able to distinguish himself as more than an individual who is a part of a prominent family. Dick DeVos has been able to create his own reputation which has inspired other individuals to pursue a path of independence. Though Dick DeVos has a distinguished name among many important individuals in the world of business, he has the main goal of building the family legacy, a legacy that has been growing at an exponential rate ever since his father built a large and multi-billion dollar company from the ground up. Dick DeVos is the proud son of a father that has inspired to choose his own path and to choose a path to make his father proud.


Dick DeVos is a man with many talents as well as many achievements that continue to grow on an annual basis. Though Dick DeVos has served over four decades of his time and effort to the family business and even served as the CEO of the business, Dick DeVos continues to thrive and to create foundations and venture capitalist movements to promote businesses as well as initiatives that are important to him due to the fact that hey help local communities.


Though Dick DeVos has made his own fortune, Dick DeVos believes that the measure of success is not monetary. Dick DeVos believes that it is not what about what is earned. Dick DeVos believes that success is measured based upon the time and effort that is spent making sure that other individuals also gain from any revenue or success that is made.

Ignition Financial Kept Me Revving


I grew up in a family that had to watch every penny and how that penny was spent. This was not a supreme disadvantage because I learned the value of a dollar very early in life. I learned that I had to work hard and take full advantage of every opportunity. However, I did not learn to award myself as I gained certain financial milestones in life. I began to discover that a certain class of vehicle was necessary because upholding an image is a necessary evil. I reluctantly obtained a more suitable vehicle, but still I purchased it under very good terms, so I was able to pay it off quickly.


However, I would soon discover that even this modest upgrade was not enough for me to carry the image of a successful salesman, so eventually I had to upgrade again. This time I was making an upgrade as an investment and a corresponding upswing in pay did not accompany this purchase as it had with the first upgrade. This situation caused me to endure the financing route. Financing a vehicle became a shady experience very quickly. I am a salesman, and the terms were even vague to me. I found myself requesting the contract be re-written several times to reflect the promises made to me by the salesman and the financing agent, but they never did. Eventually, I signed for a deal that I did not think was so bad, but it was really bad.


In fact, it was so bad that I found I did not have money for other items that were necessary for my success in my particular field. Additionally, I found that banks, credit unions and even the company that so willingly financed me would not offer me any option by which I could slash my payments.  Ignition Financial solved my issue as easily as I had gotten myself into this quagmire. I am a salesman, and I always live up to the promises that I make to potential clients. It was refreshing to find a company that adhered to the same ethos. Refinancing my car was done mostly online at easily.



James Dondero’s Corporate Heart has Compassion

In 1993, James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management. Like many finance companies, Highland Captial is an SEC-registered investment advice company. It’s one of the top investment advisers in the United States. Together, including its many affiliates, the company has an estimated $16 billion worth of assets under its management.

The firm works with many different client types, including public pension plans, high-funded foundations, large endowments, Fortune 500 corporations, renowned financial institutions, fund of funds, domestic and foreign governments, and high-net-worth persons.

James was able to build such a successful company by using his 30-plus years of experience. He’s known he’s wanted to be an analyst since he was accepted into a training program run by Morgan Guaranty.

James Dandero was accepted into the program the same year he earned dual majors from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. According to PR News Wire, James Dandero earned on both majors in Accounting and Finance.

This past October, Highland announced that it was awarding a $1 million challenge grant to The Family Place. The grant is designed to help The Family Place reach their fundraising goal of $16.5 million. Much of the money has been raised over the past year, and Highland just wants to ensure that The Family Place can finish out their fundraising strong.

The Legacy Campaign is only $2.8 million away from reaching its goal of $16.5 million. Highland Capital Management has promised to match 50 percent of any funds donated, up to $1 million, from now until the campaign ends.

In the short amount of time since Highland announced its challenge grant, The Family Place has received $200,000 toward their campaign goal.

James decided to extend a philanthropic hand and help the Dallas-based foundation after hearing a call to action by Mayor Mike Rawlings and Police Chief David Brown. The foundation offers support and provides services, like therapy and shelter, to families that are victims of family violence.

An Honest Review of the Quincy Apartment Complex

The apartments are located on the West bank of the Raritan River. It is bound by two streets; to the North, Liberty Street, and New Street to the South. To its east is another apartment complex called Plaza Square Apartments.

There are two, one and studio apartments available for lease in this complex. The apartments feature stone counter tops, wooden floors, and stainless steel appliances. The complex is under the management of Alliance Residential LLC.

The Quincy apartment complex comes with some notable features that make it a comfortable place to live. For one there is a rooftop pool, which is a great opportunity to relax on the weekends. Additionally, the apartment complex comes with an indoor garage. For one, it ensures convenience for the residents. Additionally, it ensures that their cars are protected from the snow and rain. It also ensures they do not have to waste time as they try to reach their vehicle when heading to work.

For those who want to access the transport network, the complex is minutes away from Amtrak. From this complex, residents can access NJ Transit Amtrak station. Additionally, the apartments are located a minute’s drive from the NJ state Route 18.

For fitness purposes, the complex comes with a fitness center that is designed to accommodate everyone. For those who love yoga, there is such a room at the center. For pet lovers, the apartment complex has a pet spa to walk dogs. Additionally, it features a dog park.


Interesting News Stories in the Area


A robbery that involved a pizza deliveryman occurred in the area on November 30, 2012. At the time, the complex had not been constructed. The robbery occurred in Dayton that is some distance from New Brunswick. The police later pretended the two robbers. The two criminals were also connected to a string of previous pizza deliveries robberies. The police praised the use of technology as the reason they were able to solve the crime so fast.

Another criminal incident occurred at Plaza Square Apartments in New Brunswick. Although close to The Quincy, it was at another apartment complex. The suspect that fired the shots ran towards Nielsen Street when he saw police arriving.



Fabletics’ Success under Don Ressler’s Leadership

While there are companies that operate publicly, some run quietly. Intelligent Beauty at is an example of a company that is off the radar. Little is known about the company and its technology platform. Intelligent Beauty was established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg after leaving Intermix Media. The two started Intelligent Beauty to sell health and cosmetics items for women. The company has since grown to become highly successful. It generated a massive amount of sales that went to half a billion dollars in one year.

Intelligent Beauty ventured into other sections of the marketing by opening JustFab. JustFab started as a subscription company that focused on fashion for women. The company went forth to acquire other enterprises such as Shoe Dazzle. Intelligent Beauty is an incredibly large and fruitful business.

JustFab started off in 2010 as the third company by Intelligent Beauty. It became an e-commerce fashion retailer. Don Fessler received a huge funding of $33 million at the start of 2011. Matrix Partners funded the company. Kimora Lee joined JustFab to serve as the Creative Director and President. By the end of the first year of operation, the company had received 4 million members. JustFab expanded considerably and reached 6 million members in 2012. The company sought for expansion and had another round of funding on Huffington Post. It received $76 million from its parent company, Intelligent Beauty and other investor companies like Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Rho Ventures.

JustFab has always been on the lookout for expansion opportunities. After noticing that most of the company’s clients were mainly parents, the company decided to open another line of fashion for their children on Crunchbase. The new fashion e-commerce was known as Fabkids. It focused on children’s fashion subscription business model. JustFab is also the pioneer of Fabletics, advanced by Kate Hudson. Fabletics is a highly successful company that sells activewear and sportswear. The firm has become a highly successful venture because of its tactful advertising techniques. Kate Hudson advertises the company’s fashion products by taking videos of herself. Fabletics later purchased its rival shoe company known as ShoeDazzle. JustFab has been on the fast road to expansion, the firm operates online and has several brick and mortar stores.

What’s Mike Baur Up To?

 Mike Baur is the co-founder and executive chairman of The Swiss Startup Factory, or SSUF, a company designed to build unique startups from the ground up. Prior to founding Swiss Startup, Baur earned an MBA from the University of Rochester, NY and an executive MBA from the University of Berne, Switzerland. Then, he went on to work in the Swiss banking industry for over 20 years. He accelerated quickly in the finance world, even making his way onto the executive board of a Swiss bank. However, in 2014, he made the decision to join a group of professionals in co-founding the Swiss startup. At the Startup Factory, Baur is responsible for financing and fundraising.


The Swiss Startup assists clients with unique business models or products by offering them a three-month integrative program that offers ” financing, services, coaching, mentoring, office space, and access to a large entrepreneurial and investor network,” according to the Swiss Startup website. After only two years of service, the team at the Startup Factory has already graduated several successful alumni from its brief but productive program.


The SSUF has also seen its share of personal growth. Early in 2016, they partnered with CTI invest, an online news source and communication board for Swiss innovators and startups. Not long after, the SSUF participated in yet another exciting partnership, this time with the Goldbach Group, a electronics and media business. SSUF graduates were able to pitch their ideas to Goldbach executives, and some saw great reception. For SSUF, the recognition was equally important.


The Swiss Startup is empowering innovators who might not otherwise have the means to grow their business ideas. Bauer and his fellow SSUF peers have established an all-encompassing program that teaches businesses the essentials needed to grow. Baur heads finance, which is arguably the most important and difficult task of small business acceleration. Merely a startup themselves, SSUF is already achieving success by teaching others to help themselves. As Goldbach has shown, SSUF is a valuable resource for industries that depend on the newest and most exciting innovations. While big businesses can generate ideas, they are not always strong enough. By creating a pipeline that essentially prepares and grooms innovators for business success, they are also encouraging healthy new partnerships, collaborations, and funding opportunities.

How IAP Worldwide Has Supported The Growth Of Different Services Industries

The company has come up with viable solutions to challenges ailing different industries among them the services industry where businesses have to deliver accurate results. Most importantly, IAP Worldwide has been involved in the missions the U.S. army has conducted overseas by providing the forces with vital supplies and technical support.

This partnership has existed for more than three decades and the government is hopeful they will extend the relationship due to the benefits IAP has been offering to the forces. This is just among the success stories IAP Worldwide can point to since they have been working with clients from diverse industries. The company has come up with custom infrastructure and technology that has allowed them to stand out in the industry and offer service that are unique and beneficial.

Maintenance and operations
Equipped with all the tools necessary to make maintenance procedures easy, IAP Worldwide has come up with solutions that have allowed for easy maintenance and design of systems of operations within businesses.

They have managed to deal with the most difficult of challenges in the technical fields and this is part of the reason their client base has been expanding over the years. IAP Worldwide has also invested in the acquisition of several businesses that have added more expertise and experience that has contributed to the growth of the company.

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Emergency and health services
Offering response to emergencies is one of the areas that have elevated IAP Worldwide to rank among leading companies in the technical services industry. With a team of more than 1,000 professionals trained and equipped with modern tools, the company easily mitigates emergencies like fire breakout.

Their quick and accurate response on Hoovers has saved lives and property worth millions in the period they have worked with businesses across the world. Additionally, IAP Worldwide offers maintenance services that help companies to restore damaged parts and components within a system.

Temporary and permanent power solutions
Most importantly, IAP Worldwide has worked to support businesses in different specialties to allow them to install and maintain power supply and generation plants. The company has come up with plants capable of delivering up to 600 megawatts for daily consumption.

Why Many Swiss Startups Are Applauding Mike Baur

Mike Baur has done what many have not been able to achieve for a long period of time. He launched an incubation facility that is empowering startups and making entrepreneurs from ambitious professionals with great ideas. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has managed to support hundreds of startups through the three-month incubation program offered at the center. The program is run through support from leading professionals and covers all industries and specialties.


Before launching the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, Mike Baur was working as a banker. Having served for at least 15 years, he quit his position and entered into the world of entrepreneurship. His idea of supporting as many startups as possible seems to be working excellently since most of the startups that have gone through the program are performing remarkably well.


1 on 1 mentor sessions

Before startups are released to join the market, there is a mentorship session that is run by the Swiss Startup Factory. This process is handled through an open dialogue where the startups are exposed to the details about the environment they are about to get into. They are also allowed to share their experience and ideas through questions and suggestions.


Growth accelerator

Matured startups also need mentorship and support so they can fully achieve their goals. This is one of the areas the Swiss Startup Factory caters for during the incubation period. Startups that seem to have gone through all the initial steps successfully are introduced to the growth accelerator and allowed to fully exploit their capabilities. The program offers access to financing, business development models and management skills.


Post-acceleration support

There is post-acceleration support that lasts five months after the startup graduates and this is the stage where most of the knowledge acquired is applied to test the performance of the startup. During this duration, the startups are likely to make mistakes since they are new to most of the concepts introduced earlier. The Swiss Startup Factory intervenes to ensure no mistakes are made during this process.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur, a professional whose ideas have changed lives, is devoted to supporting upcoming startups through the Swiss Startup Factory, which was established in 2014. Before choosing this industry, Mike was serving in the banking industry, where he worked for over 15 years.